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100 Outfit Ideas for When You Don’t Know What to Wear

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I have a confession. Sometimes I don’t know what to wear. I KNOW. I’m a stylist. A fashion blogger. Someone with a closet bursting at the seams. And still, some days I just need some outfit ideas!

I started thinking about ways to get dressed on those days when you don’t have a lot of time to spend trying new combinations of clothing, but still want to feel stylish. Can I figure out a way to streamline the “what to wear” process? I think I can!

I’ve done a wardrobe “staples” list before, but this is a little different. I’m going to take 10 items I wear regularly and show you how by having these things in your closet, you’ve got lots of things to mix and match! In fact, I’ll show you 10 ways to wear each item, meaning you’ll have 100 awesome outfit ideas when I’m done!

100 outfit ideas? I mean, that should even help me out in the mornings! And because I really wanted to help us all out with this, here’s a printable to hang in our closets!

what to wear - 100 outfit ideas JK Style

The Items

  1. White t-shirt
  2. Black dress
  3. Jeans
  4. Statement jacket
  5. Gray pants or jeans
  6. Colorful or patterned belt
  7. Colorful flats
  8. Striped t-shirt
  9. Black blazer
  10. Wrap dress

what to wear -white tee - JK Style

White T-Shirt

  1. White t-shirt, distressed jeans, casual sneakers
  2. White t-shirt, jeans, blazer
  3. White t-shirt, joggers, sneakers
  4. White t-shirt, black pants, colorful cardigan
  5. White t-shirt, jeans, statement earrings
  6. White t-shirt, jeans, scarf
  7. White t-shirt, skirt, sandals
  8. White t-shirt, jeans, kimono
  9. White t-shirt, maxi skirt, belt
  10. White t-shirt, black pants, statement jacket

what to wear - black dress JK Style

Black Dress

  1. Black dress, heels or flats
  2. Black dress, colorful belt
  3. Black dress, long cardigan
  4. Black dress, short cardigan and belt
  5. Black dress, blazer
  6. Black dress, statement jacket
  7. Black dress, animal print accessories
  8. Black dress, denim jacket
  9. Black dress, button-down shirt (left open)
  10. Black dress layered over turtleneck

jeans - what to wear - JK Style


  1. Jeans, vintage tee, black blazer
  2. Jeans, button-down blouse with a French tuck
  3. Jeans, white t-shirt, long cardigan
  4. Jeans, wrap top
  5. Jeans, tunic, belt
  6. Jeans, sweater, ankle boots
  7. Jeans, beaded top, heels
  8. Jeans, turtleneck, cardigan
  9. Jeans, white button down, colorful shoes
  10. Jeans, black top, red shoes

black blazer - what to wear - JK Style

Black Blazer

  1. Blazer, jeans, vintage tee
  2. Blazer, colorful pants, white tee
  3. Blazer worn over dress
  4. Blazer, leather pants, black tank
  5. Blazer, gray pants, button down shirt
  6. Blazer, top, jeans, belt
  7. Blazer, midi or maxi skirt, booties
  8. Blazer, joggers, sneakers
  9. Blazer worn over wrap dress
  10. Blazer worn over jumpsuit

wrap dress - JK Style

Wrap Dress

  1. Wrap dress, cardigan
  2. Wrap dress, blazer
  3. Wrap dress over button-down shirt
  4. Wrap dress left open and worn over t-shirt and jeans (like a cardigan)
  5. Wrap dress, sneakers, denim jacket
  6. Wrap dress worn over turtleneck, boots
  7. Wrap dress with a sweater worn over it
  8. Wrap dress, wide belt
  9. Wrap dress, wide-legged pants
  10. Wrap dress worn over jeans and a t-shirt

striped t-shirt - JK Style

Black and White Striped Tee

  1. Striped t-shirt, lace skirt
  2. Striped t-shirt, jeans, floral jacket
  3. Striped t-shirt, colorful pants
  4. Striped t-shirt, black pants, denim button-down shirt
  5. Striped t-shirt, black pants, cardigan
  6. Striped t-shirt, maxi skirt, ankle boots
  7. Striped t-shirt over jumpsuit
  8. Striped t-shirt, jeans, statement jacket
  9. Striped t-shirt, black pants, colorful flats
  10. Striped t-shirt, floral pencil skirt

colorful belt - JK Style

Colorful or Printed Belt

  1. Belt, t-shirt, jeans
  2. Belt, dress
  3. Belt, t-shirt, cardigan, pants
  4. Belt, white button-down, jeans
  5. Belt, wrap dress
  6. Belt, jumpsuit
  7. Belt, tunic, pants
  8. Belt, maxi dress
  9. Belt over statement jacket
  10. Belt, button down, maxi skirt

gray jeans - JK Style

Gray Pants/Jeans

  1. Gray pants, black button-down
  2. Gray pants, camisole, cardigan
  3. Gray pants, colorful shirt, black shoes
  4. Gray pants, white t-shirt, red blazer
  5. Gray pants, beaded top, black cardigan
  6. Gray pants, pink blouse
  7. Gray pants, white t-shirt, black moto jacket
  8. Gray pants, burgundy top or sweater
  9. Gray pants, white t-shirt, black kimono
  10. Gray pants, colorful sweater, boots

what to wear - statement jacket - JK Style

Statement Jacket

  1. Statement jacket, solid t-shirt, jeans
  2. Statement jacket, black dress
  3. Statement jacket, jumpsuit
  4. Statement jacket, top, black pants
  5. Statement jacket, solid t-shirt, gray jeans
  6. Statement jacket,  top, wide-legged trousers
  7. Statement jacket, distressed jeans, solid t-shirt
  8. Statement jacket, t-shirt, joggers, casual sneakers
  9. Statement jacket, solid t-shirt, midi or maxi skirt
  10. Statement jacket, button-down shirt, black pants

colorful flats - JK Style

Colorful flats

  1. Colorful flats, black dress
  2. Colorful flats, maxi skirt, moto jacket
  3. Colorful flats, lace skirt, striped t-shirt
  4. Colorful flats, black pants, white button-down shirt
  5. Colorful flats, beaded top, black pants
  6. Colorful flats, maxi dress, denim jacket
  7. Colorful flats, gray pants/jeans, gray top
  8. Colorful flats, jeans, t-shirt, cardigan
  9. Colorful flats, maxi dress, belt
  10. Colorful flats, jeans, sweater

Here’s the printable again if you’d like to grab it!
what to wear outfit ideas - JK Style

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