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What to Pack for a Weekend in NYC (Some NYC Outfits Inspo!)

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Need some help packing your NYC outfits? I’m here to keep you looking stylish all while fitting in that carry-on!

Guess who is going to NYC?!

Well, it’s not me. 😆

I wish I was writing a post about packing for an upcoming trip but alas, I’m stuck in Oklahoma for the time being.

However, a friend sent me a text a few days ago saying she had a weekend trip planned to NYC coming up and asked for some packing help.

I sent her my suggestions and then thought, “you have a fashion blog and this info might be helpful to other people.” So, here you go!

If you’ve got a trip to NYC planned, here are my suggestions on what to pack!

What to Pack for the Perfect NYC Outfits

nyc outfits packing

1. A pair of jeans

You pick the style (straight, skinny, bootcut, etc.), but a dark wash will always be a good option, especially when going from day to night.

*Hate dark jeans? No worries, grabbed your favorite pair, whatever the wash! Honestly, denim style has evolved so much that pretty anything goes these days. :)

2. A maxi dress

This is a great option especially for spring, summer, and fall. It works great on its own when it’s warm out, but looks equally great paired with a jacket if it’s cooler.

3. 2-3 tops

You can always take more, but at bare minimum I’d take 2-3 just so you’ve got options to mix and match. (This doesn’t include any layering tanks/tees, so plan accordingly!)

4. One nicer dress or skirt/top combo

If you plan to go to any shows or a fancy-ish dinner it will be nice to have this option.

5. A couple of jackets

Moto jackets, blazers, lightweight trench coats, cardigan/jacket hybrids, take your pick! Jackets are my favorite way to bring an outfit together. 

That’s it! Oh, and judge me all you want, but these shoes would be my go-to. 

Here are a few ideas of what NYC outfits I’d consider, but make sure you take what YOU like and feel GREAT in!

A frequent go-to for me is a moto jacket with a tee and jeans. Simple, but it works!

nyc outfits on JK Style

A blazer always adds some polish. It doesn’t have to be pink, of course, but if I’m headed to NYC I like to pull out the fun stuff. :)

nyc outfits


A casual maxi dress can easily be dressed up or down. A solid black is an excellent mix-and-match choice and ALWAYS works.

nyc outfits


A lightweight wrap or kimono is a fun, stylish option that takes up very little space in your bag! (But packs a big punch!)

nyc outfits

Can’t go wrong with a black moto jacket! It’s New York, afterall. (When in doubt, just wear black!) This is also a good and comfortable) travel outfit. 

nyc outfits

Jeans, tee, jacket/top layer is my go-to, can you tell?

nyc outfits

Of course, I’d have to take my all-time favorite jacket! It’s lightweight, works with any color combo, and makes a statement without having to try. 

nyc outfits

Hopefully these NYC outfits will give you a little inspiration for your own trip, or just getting dressed today.

Do you have any travel plans on the horizon? Need some packing help? Just let me know and I’ll see what I can do! 

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