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Must Have List: Undergarments

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It’s hard to feel good when you’re uncomfortable or embarrassed, right? You can have a killer outfit but if you’re constantly tugging your shirt down, pulling your blouse up, using your hand as a shield when you bend over, etc., it kind of puts a damper on a good time. Luckily, this is all avoidable! Today I’m talking undergarments! Super exciting, right? Hang in there, I promise it will be helpful! 




There are a few things every girl needs in her wardrobe to ensure a smooth and seamless look. My first must have? Camisoles. Lots and lots of camisoles!


How many minutes have you spent in your life tugging on the back of your shirt when you bend over so your underwear isn’t peeking out the top of your jeans? Or how about every time you lift your arms to reach for something and your entire midriff is exposed? A long stretchy camisole under your top is key here! Add one under that top you love that fits perfectly (until you have to raise an arm), or under that sweater that is slightly sheer. Make sure it’s fitted so you don’t add bulk. And buy a few in different colors – I personally own tanks like these in black (3), white, beige (2), red, pink, and green. Pick them up anywhere from Dillards and Target to smaller boutiques. If you live in my area, I just picked up a pink one from Sister Act 3 in Minco for $8! 


Bandeaus and Bandeau Camis
Number two on the list? Bandeaus!
Bandeaus are crucial to providing a little extra coverage on top when you don’t want to add any bulk to your waist. While long camis are awesome, I have a few that are a little too long for some outfits. Let’s save I’ve got a dress that is a little lower cut than I’m comfortable with. Where a long cami might ride up (not being tucked into anything) and bulk up at my waist, a bandeau top is the perfect fix! And ones with straps are my favorite (No sliding down!). If you aren’t a busty girl, they do sell some with molded cups or some shape too it (like in the picture above), but I usually get the ones that are simply one plain band. I just wear over my bra and I’m set! Definitely pick up in black, white and beige. I promise you’ll find you wear them all the time! I usually pick mine up from Gil’s in OKC for around $12. 



Next on your list of must-haves, and something I feel like many women these days are lacking in their wardrobe, the slip! 


Before you call me dowdy and move on, let me explain. I’ve got four different reasons why you need to be wearing slips.
1. No more see-through. I see girls all the time with totally see-through skirts and dresses! That gorgeous dress you have on might look fine in every single mirror in your house. However, a couple of steps outside and it could be a different story! Unless you want everyone to see both the color and style of underwear you prefer, just grab a slip! No one will know you’re wearing it and you won’t have to wonder if everyone can see your underwear (yep, they can). Not convinced you need one (or more) yet? Keep reading.
2. Smoothing. Yes a slip is super thin, but adding this thin material under a skirt or dress that’s also super thin really helps “smooth” you out a bit, if you know what I mean.
3. Avoid the skirt wedgie. I’m personally a fan of thong underwear. Is that too much information to share on the internet? It’s true. I just hate underwear lines. Anyway, when wearing a thong under a skirt, the material can kind of settle there, you know? And as much as you think you’re being discreet trying to delicately remove that fabric while walking, someone will see you.  And if they don’t, you’ll still feel embarrassed.  
4. No more cling. Have a a skirt or dress that sticks to your skin? A slip provides an extra barrier so your dress hangs as it should! Really great for maxi skirts that can cling to your legs a bit when it’s static-y.
There you go. Buy a slip. Or three! I own about four. Two medium length – one black and one white, one extra long for maxi dresses, and one beige one that’s pretty short. Having trouble finding a shorter length? Try a girls size. The short slip I own is one I’ve had since I was about 12, and works great under shorter items!




One item every girl needs is a proper fitting bra. I read something recently that said that like 90% of women wear the wrong bra size. Good grief! I was definitely one of those women until a few years back, and let me tell you, when I finally went and got properly measured, I wasn’t off by a size. Or two. Or five.  Since I discovered my actual size, guess what? My clothes fit better, my posture has improved, and my back doesn’t hurt. Bottom line: if you’ve been wearing the same bra size for 15 years because it’s the first one you tried on as a teenager and it seemed to fit, run to the nearest lingerie store and actually have someone fit you! My store of choice is Dillards at Penn Square in OKC. They have a great selection and the staff is knowledgeable on measuring and fit. You need a black bra and nude bra definitely, so those are musts. The style is up to you, but a molded cup will provide a smooth look under most tops.




Last but not least, every girl needs some good underwear. You don’t have to drop a lot of cash on underwear (but feel free to!), the key thing here is to find a style you like and that works with your wardrobe. If you love slinky dresses but prefer to forgo tights or shapewear, those briefs or boyshorts you love might leave you with lines that are less than desirable.  My favorite brand of underwear is Hanky Panky and although the price tag might seems a bit high (around $20 a pair), they are comfortable, the material lies flat to my body and you can choose your rise – original or low. 


And that’s my MUST HAVE list of undergarments! Feel free to add tights, shapewear, etc., as needed, but these five items are definitely a must! Trust me here, your clothes will thank you!



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  1. Where do you buy the hanky panky underwear? I’m currently in love with VS yoga panties.

    1. I know you can get them at Dillard’s and I think at one point they sold them at Tangled in Edmond. I usually get mine online or at Dillard’s!

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