Who is JK Style?

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While I’ve had the image consulting/personal shopping business for quite a few years now, I just recently started this blog. And while I know many of you readers, I’m seeing more and more site traffic these days (yay!) so I thought I’d introduce myself a little. My name is Jamie, by the way.

jkr pic1

So, who is JK Style? A few things you should know:

1. I like clothes a lot. (In case you couldn’t tell.)

2. As a child I was incredibly quiet and shy, though you wouldn’t have guessed it by the way I dressed. If it was sparkly and/or colorful, I was wearing it- including two different color socks every day (that matched my outfit, of course). You’re welcome Minco Elementary for starting that trend.

3. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Governmental and Legal Studies, and seriously considered Law School. I actually used my degree for a few years too! (If you want information on oil imports/exports or hydraulic fracturing, I can probably tell you. But I’d rather not, thanks.)

4. I like to dress high/low (investment pieces mixed with bargain finds). I don’t mind investing in quality items that I can use for years. Most of the trendier items in my closet have come from stores like Zara , H&M, and Kohls. (If you don’t shop at Kohls, I suggest checking it out, they’ve really stepped up their game the past few years.)

5. I hate wedges but fully support your right to wear them. (I’m definitely a shoe girl, and have more than a few pairs to prove it.)

6. I love online shopping – and getting packages in the mail! It’s like Christmas every time!

7. I come from a family of beekeepers. Yes, you read that right. Go here for info on the best honey you will ever taste!

8. I have a fantastic husband who is a jeans, t-shirt, and sneaker kind of guy. But he still indulges me and pretends to care when I talk about clothes. (He says the most excited he’s ever seen me was on a trip to the mall where I found an amazing jacket that I HAD TO HAVE IMMEDIATELY.) He’s handsome, smart, funny, and an amazing cook, which is good, because I regularly cook frozen pizzas and ruin toast.

From our wedding in 2008

9. I grew up in, and have now moved back to, a small farming community in central Oklahoma. (When you look out my kitchen window, you see cows and wheat fields.) I do not own cowboy boots and do not intend to buy any. Ever. But more power to you if that’s your thing.

10. My decor style is very non-traditional. (Think Ikea meets West Elm.) If you’re looking for taupe walls with cream accents, do not come to my house. This clock is above my living room mantle, so that should tell you something.


Any other questions? Feel free to ask! And thanks again for checking out my site! I’m excited to get to know all of you better too!

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  1. Lori Jo Hendrix says:

    OMG I remember your different colored socks! That made my day! Keep up the good work! Love it!

    1. I was talking to a lady a few weeks ago who has a daughter in elementary school and she said girls are wearing different colored socks and she didn’t know why they started doing it. I mean, obviously they saw a yearbook picture of me or something! :)

  2. Tara (McComas) Heeney says:

    I LOVE your blog, Jamie! I just added it to my favorites list. Miss you! Glad to hear you are doing well!

    1. Thank you Tara! I’m glad you like it! And I hope things are great with you too!! Miss you too!

  3. Kara Locke says:

    Great post Jamie! Anyone who doesn’t know you is missing out.

    1. Thanks Kara! I think the same thing about you!

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