TxSC Camp Recap

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Nine episodes of Serial (just three left, don’t tell me anything!), a random assortment of road trip food, and 798 miles of highway. All for this:


tx style council

When I first heard about this weekend gathering of bloggers, designers, and female business owners, I was pretty interested! They were getting down to basics in this fifth (and final) TxSC meeting and a Girl Scout camp on Camp Texlake (near Austin) would play host to 200 women excited to listen, learn and engage.
Friday’s Schedule- Registration, headshots, mocktails and dinner:
TxSC cabins
Definitely more of a “glamping” than “camping” experience!

Friday TxSC Dinner

After a delicious dinner with keynote speaker Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess), we had a craft mixer! From decorating tote bags with TOMS and “Name that Dress” with Modcloth to wall hangings and ornament decorating, there were so many fun things to do!
Friday TxSC Craft Mixer
“Style Your Bag” with TOMS


Saturday’s Schedule – workshops, meals, amazing speakers, etc.!
I started my Saturday morning with a Photography workshop with Shalyn Nelson (So Shay, and Love, the Nelsons). She might be the cutest person alive guys, and if you don’t follow her on IG, get to it. She has hedgehogs and they’re adorable.

TxSC Shalyn Nelson


I heard from some amazing women on Saturday, including Bethany Joy Clark, the director of global customer engagement and community for TOMS who spoke about establishing legacy. She was great!! Saturday night’s main event was the Khaki Cool Jamboree, filled with dinner, lots of Girl Scout Glam, and fun stuff like shopping, crafts and book signings (more info on those tomorrow!).
txsc khaki cool jamboree
Love the Khaki Cool theme – so many fun Girl Scout uniforms!


Sunday’s Schedule- Breakfast, books, badges and besties:

TxSC Sunday brunch


We wrapped up the day with a lovely brunch with speaker Sophia Rivka Rossi (HelloGiggles co-founder), an awards ceremony, and a few last activities. A great weekend for sure!
As for my takeaway, I’ve been struggling with trying to figure out some next-steps for this blog lately and feel like this weekend helped give me some clarity and direction!  A few decisions have been made (both big and small) and I’ll be sure to update you all along the way! For now:
  • After almost a decade, I’m “officially” moving away from personal styling/image consulting on an individual level. While I love being able to help people find their personal style, it’s time for a break (though I’ll keep posting the same style tips on here, so no major change there!). Having said that, I am looking to work more with commercial styling projects (photo shoots, commercials, etc.) so let me know if you’ve got a project we can collaborate on! I’m also continuing my focus on Splendry so keep an eye on it, I’ve got BIG plans!
  • This site is going to move from less of a “personal shopping/styling service website w/a blog” to more of a full-on blog (with info on services). Look for new branding and designs in the coming months! (And if you do logos/branding and want to chat about ideas, let me know!)
  • I’m also going to start injecting a little more of me into this blog. While I don’t plan to start sharing all my inner thoughts and feelings on the world wide web, I will add a little more of my own personality and real “life”! So, hopefully that will be OK with you all!
If you’ve got an idea (or two) on the kind of content you want to see more of on JK Style, please, let me know! Thanks for hanging out with me here and I hope we can continue to be friends for years to come!! 



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