September Q&A: You asked, I answer!

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How about a little more Q&A between me and you? As you know, if you ask me a question, you’ve got to answer it yourself! Here are a few questions and answers I’ve received from you all:

September Q&A

Q from Audrey S.:  What is the one necessary, must have item, in your purse? Mine is my lip gloss.

September Q&A purse

One thing I always have in my purse? A bottle of water! Probably not what you were expecting! I feel panicked if I don’t have water with me, like I’m going to choke or something (I’m weird, yes). That’s probably the one consistent thing I keep with me! Other than that, my must-haves are just my wallet, keys, phone, and a lipstick or gloss. I’m also known for carrying large bags that quickly weigh six pounds because I just keep throwing stuff inside them! Especially now that I’m pregnant, I’ve got snacks, tissues, and a tiny fan (really)!

Q from April: What’s your all-time favorite birthday gift you’ve received? Also, I currently use Arbonne BUT curious about Rodan & Fields. Sooo, what’s your skin regimen? Being in our 30s has officially made me want to stop the aging process!!! Ha!
September Q&A skincare
Yes, that moisturizer is running very low!

Two good questions! For the first, my favorite gift might be when Brent surprised me with an iPhone about 7(?) years ago. I really wanted one and was so surprised!

For the second, my skincare is pretty simple! Yes, when I turned 30 I started really researching skincare and basically ways to not look old :) I used Arbonne for a while and then after I visited an aesthetician for a facial she was very helpful in telling me what would be beneficial with my skin type and concerns. I was considering Rodan & Fields at the time, simply because people kept talking about it, and she told me I didn’t need to spend my money on it, which was nice to hear! While I do know lots of people have had great results with it she told me all I needed was a gentle daily cleanser and a very mild exfoliator about once a week. I was using an oil cleanser for a while that I loved but I’ve run out and I keep forgetting to order more. Right now I’ve been mostly sticking to these Neutrogena Naturals wipes or Eau Thermale Avene Clearance Gel (it’s a sample of a French cleaner I received in a subscription box) before bed. In the mornings I use a Burt’s Bees moisturizer with spf. Pretty easy but it’s working for me right now!

Q from Sara R.: What is your favorite way to mix patterns? I love a good stripe/floral combo!

That’s probably my favorite combination too! I love pairing my simple black and white striped tee with a floral skirt. It’s so easy and always works! I do have a few other ideas for mixing prints and patterns though!

Q from Debra S.: How many monthly beauty boxes do you subscribe to? Do you have beauty products that you have used for years or do you change on a regular basis because of all the products you’re trying from your subscriptions? I tried two different subscriptions. One was mostly samples that I could normally get free and the other one always seemed to be outrageous colors that I would never use.

review of the August Ipsy Glam Bag on JK Style - 2017

I have tried all kinds of beauty boxes – Allure, Ipsy, Birchbox, e.l.f., Target, Walmart, and Sephora, as well as other lifestyle subscription boxes that include a lot of beauty products, like the POPSUGAR Must Have box. In an effort to cut back on so many products (I just couldn’t get around to using them all!), I’m currently down to just Ipsy and the quarterly Walmart box.

Have a burning question for me? Ask away! Just be sure to also answer it yourself!

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