Paris Highlights: Day 4 (and Giveaway Winner!)

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I better wrap this trip up so we can get on with our lives, right? Luckily our last day was pretty relaxed so this shouldn’t take long!

We spent our last morning in Paris visiting a couple of fabric shops (my husband is a real trooper), checking out a few last minute shops I wanted to see, and decided to have lunch in one of our favorite spots – in the Tuilleries Garden. About halfway through our meal in the park we notice some dark skies in the distance.

Just as we were discussing which way it looked like the clouds were moving, it started to rain. Within minutes it was a complete downpour which turned into a hail storm! There wasn’t even time to try to take cover or go anywhere so we just sat it out! One of my favorite memories of the trip was the two of us shielding ourselves with our umbrellas as we are being pelted by hail and just laughing so hard because it was so sudden and, well, weird! Who gets hailed on in Paris? It just lasted a couple of minutes and then the sun was right back out! Somehow only the bottom of my dress got wet so we didn’t mess with going back to change clothing. We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the Champs-Élysées before we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. 

Paris highlights
Nothing but blue skies!

We got lucky and were able to get a reservation at Sacree Fleur for this night. This place books up quickly! I had emailed them a couple of weeks before and the only time we could get in was Monday night at 9. If you visit Paris, you’ve got to have a meal here!

Sacree Fleur

This was by far one of the best meals I’ve had in my life! Not only was the food delicious, the atmosphere is so, so wonderful! This restaurant is tucked into a really non-touristy part of Paris and it only holds about 8 or 9 tables. My entire meal (French Onion Soup, steak, potato wedges, salad and gelato) was phenomenal and we ended up having a lovely conversation with the couple seated next to us. They were from Sweden and it was so fun to talk to them about their life, they were college students studying Human Resources and visiting Paris for a soccer game.  It was a lovely evening and the perfect ending to our trip!

I totally finished my steak first!

Sacree Fleur dessert Paris

And now for what you’re really been waiting for! The winner of the Paris bracelet! The winner is: Julie S.! Congratulations! 

Thanks to everyone who entered! Stay tuned, they’ll be another giveaway really soon! (Like, look for more information next week, soon!)

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  1. Glenda Ross says:

    Loved seeing Paris through your eyes. Want to go back there myself, like, tomorrow!

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