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October French Box Review

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Just got the October French Box!

october french box


I adore this box, the packaging make it feel even more special.

october french box (2)


I pulled the ribbon open on the box and it felt like I just kept pulling out item, after item, after item. It seemed to never end!
So many things!
So many things!


october french box inserts

  • Recipes: They included three different recipes for Provencal Dips: Ancholade, Tapenade, and Aubergine Caviar. All look fairly simple to make and take only minutes to prepare!
  • Notebook: I saw on the French Box Facebook page that they would have an item with an illustration by a famous French designer, and I was happy to see it was Christian Lacroix! And I can always use another notebook!
  • Postcard


october french box herbs calissons

  • Le Panier Francais Provence French Herbs Mix: This is a mixture of basil, savory, rosemary, thyme and marjoram. I know pretty much nothing about herbs, or cooking for that matter, but I’ll try them out! 
  • Couleur Callison Callisons: I’ve never seen these, but apparently they are as famous as macarons in the South of France, according to the insert card. It’s kind of a gummy dried fruit candy (pardon my eloquent description). 


october french box towels and brush

  • Oshibori Refreshing Towels: This is a set of three cotton hand towels infused with green tea scent.
  • Matis: Powder Brush: I can always use a new powder brush and it seems like it’s something I can never bring myself to buy!


french box october soap perfume eye

  • Durance Marseille Soap: This is the kind of thing I would typically throw in a draw and never use because I wanted to save it for a special occasion, but I’m determined to actually use this soap!
  • Atelier Cologne: This isn’t normally a scent I would go for but it smells very sophisticated and rich so I’m going to give it a try.
  • Sothy’s Pluie Scintillante (Sparkling Rain): This is super fine silver glitter to add to your eye shadow. Could be fun!


Another really fun French Box! This is only the second box they’ve done and so far I’m loving it! $24/month, get yours here! If you haven’t tried yet you can also save $10 off your first box with coupon code “Q62LG0XUJ6”. 

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