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Monochromatic Dressing

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I just wrapped up week 1 of the beach vacay. If you recall, I have two beach trips back to back (it’s OK if you hate me, I totally deserve it.) Having spent the last week reading, napping, and just doing absolutely nothing, a girl could get used to this sort of thing. But, there’s work to be done and blogs to be written, right? So, this post is coming to you live from the Hyatt in north Houston, where I am “resting” up before I head to the second half of my trip. All that ocean gazing is exhausting. So, ignore my formatting for the next week (I’m using my iPad) and enjoy!

One of my favorite styling techniques (and one that I rarely incorporate into my own routine) is that of monochromatic dressing. While I love a great mixture of colors and patterns, there’s something so insanely chic about a head to toe color scheme. If you’re looking for a long and lean look (never a bad thing), give this a try.


It doesn’t get much cooler than this. While I can certainly appreciate a pop of color, I’m kind of loving this super sleek head to toe grey outfit. The focus is pulled from the color and into the silhouette and well, your face! (Let’s be honest, you’ve got a pretty great face, right?)


Again, a solid look (with a hint of stripe) makes for a sophisticated outfit. And if you don’t own a good pair of nude heels that match your skintone, I highly recommend it for a long-legged look!


No, you don’t have to do all red accessories too! (Unless you really to) I love gold with red and these add just the right amount of shine without taking away from the outfit’s simplicity.

And if you do want to add in a pop of another color, remember less is more. Keep your accent color to a minimum to retain your outfit’s simply chic look. In other words, don’t go for earrings, bracelet, necklace and purse all in your accent shade. (A little pet peeve of mine.)


These earrings are the perfect addition to this outfit- fun, but not overwhelming.


The goal here in monochromatic dressing is long lean look, not necessarily “match-y”, so don’t feel like you have to find exact shades in every item. You want different textures, different sheens, and even different shades. It’s all in the details!

What do you think? Is monochromatic dressing for you?

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