May Q&A: You asked, I answered

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Yay for May! I’m ready for a new month and I’ve got another edition of Q&A up today featuring questions from some of you all! I love hearing from you and learning more about you too! If you’ve got a question, ask away!

May Q&A

Q from Cindy: What is your favorite way to celebrate your birthday? I always enjoy spending the day with my mister, visiting my favorite places, and eating way too much cake.

Glad you agree on birthdays! :) The past few years I celebrated my birthday by going shopping with my mom, getting my hair cut or a blow out, or getting a mini makeover at Sephora, something like that. This year my husband and I joined my parents, older brother and nephews at the science museum, then had a quick lunch before visiting an escape room that evening with a few friends. It was a great day!

My last birthday lunch

I am one of those people who drag out their birthday for as long as possible so I usually plan a shopping trip to Dallas within a day or two of my birthday too! We hit our favorite areas in just a couple of days and I look forward to it every year!

Q from Layna: If you could fly anywhere in the world for dinner (money is not a factor), where would you go and what would you eat? I would travel to the Mediterranean! Give me all the hummus, tabouli, olives, vegetables…so good!

Good question! I’m liking your pick but I think right now I’d go to Paris and to this amazing steakhouse we visited on our last trip. It was such a great meal and I’m not even much of a steak person! The food and atmosphere was phenomenal and we ended up chatting with a another couple from northern Europe (now I can’t remember where they were from!) during the meal. Brent and I both discuss that night often!

Q from Brandon:  What is your favorite shade of eye shadow?

Naked on the Run palette stun eye shadow

I have green eyes so I tend to wear a lot of browns and purples when it comes to eye shadow. Out of the many eye shadows I own the one I use the very most is the shimmery brown Stun shade from my Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette. I use it on my crease, sometimes in my brows, and even as eyeliner occasionally. It’s a good one!

Q from Dagmar: What’s your all time favorite elf product? For me, I love their brushes!

A review of e.l.f. Shadow Lock Primer on Splendry

I love me some elf products, but if I had to pick just one it would probably be their Shadow Lock eyelid primer. It works amazingly and is only $2!

Have a question? Leave a comment and I’ll answer it in a future post!

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