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A Matter of Politeness

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On a bit of a rant today, but stick with me, there’s a giveaway at the end!

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to dress up. Not just for special occasions or big events, but every day. Need to run to Wal-Mart? Let me change out of my sweats first. A casual get-together with friends? I might still be wearing heels, just less dressy ones. Now for those you naysayers who want to throw phrases at me like “All that matters is what’s on the inside” and tell me how God only cares about our hearts, let me stop you right there.

I know.

Guess what? I don’t think what you wear is the most important thing on earth. Are there more worthy ways to spend your time than shopping or building outfits? Of course! Can you still make an effort to invest in your appearance without being completely vain? Yes! Should you care at all about how you dress? Yes! In fact, how you dress can actually be rather important!

My husband works in an office setting where there is no real dress code. In fact, many people wear WHATEVER they want. And I do mean WHATEVER. Sweatpants, t-shirts with giant holes, house shoes, etc. His first day there he wore dress pants and a polo and said he felt like he showed up in a tuxedo he was that “overdressed”.  Bizarre? Yes. Sad? Yes.  Not only is it difficult to be taken seriously as a professional while your underwear is seen through the holes in your pants, you are also forcing the people around you to view this.  

While I wish we lived in a world where we only saw each other’s souls and noticed nothing else, this unfortunately, is not the case. And since we are forced to interact with others on a daily basis (usually) it’s important to consider your daily dress. 

Can I just encourage you to spend a little effort when you leave the house? I’m not talking heels and sequins for grocery shopping, but change out of your sweats once in a while. Save the hole-y t-shirt for around the house. If you are invited to a wedding, don’t wear a t-shirt with jeans and tennis shoes (I wish I was making that up.) Take a few extra minutes to actually put on an “outfit”. Who knows, you might actually enjoy it! (And so will the rest of us.)

OK, rant over. :) And now, another giveaway!!! Make sure you click the green “enter” buttons to confirm your entries! If you already follow JK Style on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, all you have to do is hit the green “I”m a Fan (etc.)” to confirm! (Make sure you don’t hit the blue “Like JK Style on Facebook” if you are already a fan, it will “unlike!”) If you are following on Twitter or Instagram, just leave your username and then hit the “Enter” or “I follow” buttons. Let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Thanks for the great giveaway! Entered :)

  2. Lauren says:

    So true!! I am often asked why I’m so dressed up! And it’s usually when I’m in what I call my comfy clothes!!

    1. Ha, I know what you mean! I think my idea of “casual” is often very different than others! :)

  3. Ashleigh says:

    The thing I hate the most is when people don’t dress nicely to go to the theatre or ballet. Especially the price they are sometimes paying! Make an effort to look like you can afford that ticket! I also wish people still dressed nicely when they travel. (Although I’m sometimes guilty of this one.) I now try to wear a comfortable dress when I fly. Oh I’m loving this blog, Jamie!

    1. I definitely agree! Part of me wishes I had been born in a time when you dressed up for EVERYTHING. But, I also like to lounge around the house in sweats and I don’t think that was acceptable back then! :)

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