Making March Plans: 5 Things I’m Doing this Month

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I’m not sad to see February go, in fact I’ve been kind of counting down the days! I don’t have any particular reason to be ready for March, and in general Brent and I usually joke about how March is our least favorite month. Maybe I just need a change? That’s probably it! After a slow start to my year I could use a few positive changes! Here are a few random March plans and goals I’m making. (Some style-related, some not!)

1. Relax more

My March plans include relaxing more!

I’m what you might call a little uptight. Not in a Monica Gellar/always-use-a-coaster way, more so in a I am incredibly hard on myself and feel like I must work 18 hour days until I meet some level of success I’m not even sure I’ve clarified in my head, type of way. I struggle with a lot of anxiety and am making a goal this month to spend more time relaxing, whether it’s taking a bubble bath, shutting down my computer a few hours earlier than usual, and reading more.

2. Wear this jacket

So my parents surprised me with this fun (and fab) faux fur jacket for my birthday (January 7) and between getting sick a couple of days later and then the weather being so warm, I haven’t had a chance to wear it! I’m hoping for at least a couple of cold March nights that call for fun coats!

3. New  Opportunities for JK Style
march plans first jk style post
My first post on JK Style, January 9, 2012!

It’s kind of hard to believe I’ve been blogging here for years now! This started as a sort of creative outlet, mostly just a place to share things I loved, tips for shopping and getting dressed every day, and of course, reviews of the billions of subscription boxes I’ve tried over the years. I could technically find out how many subscription box reviews I’ve done but I’m afraid it might depress me. :) JK Style has never been a traditional fashion blog where I document my outfits (I think I’ve maybe done that twice over the past four years?), but more so sharing ideas and tips I’ve learned over the years to finding your own personal style and how to make trends work for you!

While I don’t plan to change anything about the website, I do want to start finding new fun opportunities to collaborate with brands, businesses, and get suggestions from you all on the kind of content you love and what you’d like to see more of! Have an idea, please tell me!

4. More Photos and Videos
I’m prone to cut-off head, weird angle photos of myself ;)

Hi, I’m Jamie, and I totally freak out about posting photos or videos of myself on the Internet. (Even on my own website!) Every single time I hit publish on a blog post or video that I’m actually in, I’m wracked with self-doubt and insecurities and spend hours debating whether I should pull the post down since I’m assuming you all are laughing hysterically at me behind your computers (and phones) and wondering just who I think I am that anyone would care what I have to say about anything.

And that’s just it, who does care what I have to say? This website is mine, it’s free for you to read, so I don’t think anyone else is taking it all that seriously. If you don’t like what I say, you probably aren’t reading it, right? I probably just need to get over myself and maybe, you know, HAVE FUN with it? Wouldn’t that be something?

5. See April the giraffe give birth

My March plans include watching April the giraffe have her baby!

Oh man, I don’t even want to think about how much time I’ve spent streaming this poor giraffe who was supposedly “due any minute now” last week and who is still, well, due any minute now! For some weird reason watching this giraffe is both relaxing and making me question whether I do want to have children. (I would really not like to be in labor for days, thank you.) Here’s to April giving birth to a 6 ft. tall, 150 lb. calf SOMETIME IN MARCH.

Have some plans this month? Tell me!

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