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I’m kind of a magazine junkie. You’ll find nice size stacks of magazines scattered throughout my house, some read, some half-read, some still in the cellophane waiting to be opened. So many, in fact that I finally had to let a few go because it’s just not feasible to get to them all! (I do have a few responsibilities you know.) Anyway, here are the ones I love, the ones I’ve let go, and the ones headed my way.




I’ve been a loyal subscriber from their first issue. I’ve seen the magazine through 3 different editors, numerous regular features and still love their focus on bringing you the latest and greatest goods in any price range. They have a great website too, including lots of shopping guides and a great blog community (which I’m part of). Love, love, love Lucky. And editor Eva Chen once replied to one of my tweets so I’m pretty sure we’re on our way to being BFFs. (Right?).


Marie Claire

marie claire

A good mixture of fashion, lifestyle and current events. Plus, the usual celeb gossip, relationship advice, book reviews, etc. Entertaining, yes, but they can get a little political at times which can get kind of old. I mean, I’m all for everyone having the freedom to make their own choices but assuming you know what I’m for/against is getting a little old. 


Harper’s Bazaar

harper's bazaar

Considering letting this one go. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan. Great editorials, gorgeous clothes. Higher end for sure than what my budget allows, but fun to look at still. This one tends to get pushed to the bottom of my “to-read” pile so I think I might take a break. 




This one has to stay in the “keep” pile. I mean, it’s Vogue, duh. (Do people still say “duh”?) I certainly don’t agree with everything they put out, but I do entirely see the power EIC Anna Wintour has on the industry and it’s fun to stay up to date on the latest designers and trends. Plus, they usually have pretty good articles on a range of issues I enjoy. 




I’m not sure how I have managed to not subscribe to this so far in my life. I also pick it up at other people’s houses and I frequently check out their website. So, I finally signed up for a two year subscription! And then I bought a pair of shoes online that came with a one year subscription the very next day. Ha, maybe they’ll just tack on another year for free? 


People Style Watch

People Style Watch

My sister-in-law gave me a subscription a couple of Christmases back and I really enjoyed getting this. They focus on celebrity style and how to make their looks work with your budget. I really enjoyed this magazine and I miss not getting it once my subscription ran out. But, considering I’m trying to cut back, maybe I better hold off for a bit!


Do you subscribe to any fashion magazines? If so, which ones?




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  1. probe97 says:

    I don’t subscribe but I would love to be encapsulated inside those gorgeous glossies and have their sweet scented aroma drift into my skin as their soft gorgeous fashion and beauty spreads entice my body into glossy heaven.

  2. Nicole says:

    I dont subscribe to magazines. Easier to read online if the mood strikes me.

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