Powering Up

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Last week was a bad one. In fact, if words like “suck” were in my vocabulary, I would use that. Since I consider myself a little bit more lady-like than that, I’ll leave it at this, it was rough.

Nothing tragic or life-altering happened. No illness, no job losses or sudden financial disasters. Just a series of bits of life and anxiety all piling up until I cracked and felt like I broke in half. So, in an effort to climb out of the hole I fell into, I turned my phone to silent, responded only to urgent emails or texts, did a lot of Barre3, watched too many episodes of The O.C. and deep cleaned my kitchen, bathrooms and bedroom. Oh, and I cried. A LOT. This week felt like a month.

Clothing and makeup weren’t at the top of my priorities so thank goodness for scheduled posts and the fact that I had worked a bit ahead! In fact as I type this, I sit, makeup free, wearing pajamas I did not sleep in but just put on after I took a shower. (It’s before noon.) Unless I have to go somewhere today this is probably what I will wear all day and probably sleep in too. How’s that for the life of a fashion blogger? (In my defense, they are cute pajamas.)

The point of this little story? I needed a break so I took one. While there have certainly been times in my life I was too far entrenched in my issues that it took others helping me see what was best for my well-being, at this point right now, I can usually figure out what I need. I hope that if you need a break you find a way to take one. Turn your phone off (or at least to silent, you can still check the screen occasionally!), take a bath, read a book (I started Me Before You), cry your eyes out, and then when it feels right, power back up and get back to life.

See you tomorrow. :)

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  1. Sorry your week wasn’t great! You totally did the right thing by taking a step back from it all for a little bit. Hopefully this week is going better for you <3

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee

  2. Oh girl, it sounds like you took care of yourself well. There is no nobility is pretending things aren’t hard or overtaxing yourself. Here’s to a better week!

    1. Thank you! Hope you have a fantastic week too!

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