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July Q&A: You Asked, I Answered

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I thought it would be fun to do another round of Q&A here on JK Style. I think it’s a cool way for you all to get to know me better and this way I get to know you too! (Since you have to answer whatever you ask!) You can read the May edition here. Here are a few questions I received recently:

July Q&A

Q from Nicole: What’s your guilty pleasure? Mine is getting lost in Target or Barnes & Noble for hours.

July Q&A bath bombs

I could probably say the same! There are few stores I definitely don’t mind wandering aimlessly through for hours on end (Target, Ulta, and Nordstrom to name a few). Another guilty pleasure? Bubble baths! I love, LOVE baths and it’s not uncommon for me to take a couple (or more!) a week. Since hot baths are frowned upon during pregnancy I know I’m going to be so excited for my first in a few months!

Q from Kim: What’s your current favorite blush? My favorite is the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour blush in “Paaarty”

July QA Pacifica blush wildrose

Right now I’m all about Wild Rose from Pacifica. I got it in an Ipsy bag this year and have been wearing it non-stop. I love the rosy shade that gives me the perfect natural flush!

Q from Cynthia: What is your favorite wine? I love a good moscato or reisling. 

This should make you wine lovers laugh, I actually don’t know the different between a moscato or reisling! Other than red or white, I have no idea! Honestly, I hate the taste of wine, actually all alcohol. The smell, taste, all of it totally grosses me out. I’m the girl always drinking water which people always then assume I’m pregnant! At least now that I am pregnant I don’t get so many weird looks when I’m not drinking. :)

Q from Morgan: Who is your favorite store to buy online from? I like to order from boutique Facebook pages!

That’s a good question! I really don’t know if I have a favorite! I’ll shop anywhere from favorite chain stores to smaller boutiques like you mentioned. I am always looking for new stores to check out so please share your favorites with me!

Have a question for me? Just ask! I may use it in a future post. Just make sure you answer it too! (See questions above!)

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