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Pregnancy Update: 8 Months and Counting

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Since this is my little journal of pregnancy memories (I’m not much of a scrapbooker!), I figured I better do a little pregnancy update before I forget some of these things! I’m 32 weeks pregnant today and it seems like the weeks are flying by SO quickly!

32 week pregnancy update - JK Style

Just a photo to document my 32 week check up!

How’s the house coming?

Eh. Remember how I was going to finish this all by September? Yeah, me neither. I’ve definitely made progress (though you might not know by looking at it!) and I want to make one final push to get all our living spaces (and my car) in order over the next couple of weeks. Mostly because I’m getting tired! :)

The baby’s room just lacks a ceiling fan installation and some last minute clean up and I should have a big reveal to share with you soon! I LOVE how it’s turned out!

32 week pregnancy update - JK Style

Hello, baby bump! Don’t look too closely at the house in the background! 


How do you feel?

Pretty good! I find myself getting frustrated with my body lately. In my head I’m totally normal and want to go on living as if I am. Turns out, I’m actually pretty pregnant at this point (I suppose eight months pregnant is considered pretty pregnant) and my body doesn’t always agree with my mind! I’m to the point that I have to take breaks in my day to rest, I’ve been reintroducing the occasional afternoon nap, and if you hear me gasping for air, it’s just because baby feet have officially hit my lungs.

I mentioned in my last update I had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and well, it turns out maybe not? All my blood sugar testings have been normal and all the doctors involved agree maybe it was a fluke diagnosis. Anyway, I’m happy to keep testing until the baby comes and they’re still going to keep an eye on things to make sure the baby doesn’t get too big. (Have I mentioned my brothers weighed in around 9 and 10 lbs.?) I’ve got an ultrasound scheduled for the week of Thanksgiving and they’ll decide if they need to address anything then.

Oh, and you might like this fun little story about my experience with the childbirth class at the hospital. You guys, I’m totally conquering this whole pregnancy thing. ;)

Any weird cravings?

Not really. I’m definitely a little hungrier these days and I admit when I was editing a “best mashed potatoes” post for Splendry, I decided I needed mashed potatoes ASAP. (I made them for dinner that day and they were delicious.) Other than that, I still like all the same stuff as before, only now that heartburn has kicked in I’m finding more and more things to avoid. (At least after around 4 PM. Pregnancy does nothing if not make you feel cool.)

Do you think it’s a boy or girl?

No clue! I think I’m going to do all those gender prediction tests soon just for fun soon, I thought it would be fun to see what they all predict and then what really happens!

I’ve gone ahead and purchased a few clothing items, including some going from the hospital outfits for both a boy or girl, so it’ll be so exciting to see what happens!!

32 week pregnancy update - JK Style

Yes, I am cringing at putting my baby in t-shirts, but hey, I guess OU onesies are gender neutral at least, right? 

Do you have names picked out?

Oh goodness, no. I mean, we do have some narrowed down, so at least there’s that! We’ve got way more girl contenders than boy ones, so if you have any baby boy suggestions for me, please, PLEASE let me know! We’re looking for something unique, but not like bizarre, if that helps! :)

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