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Oh Baby! Baby #2 is on the way.

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As if 2020 wasn’t already quite an adventure, we thought it seemed like the perfect time to expand the family. :) A sweet new baby will join us in February and I’m still trying to wrap my brain around all of this!

pregnancy announcement

I’m currently about 15-16 weeks along and though I didn’t exactly have any big announcement planned, I shared this news on my social feeds Monday. I figured it was time to share the news because you will see my waistline expanding and I figured you’d have questions, ha! 

In fact, even last week’s Trendsend box try-on was a little tricky. I forgot to let them know ahead of time that I was pregnant and while I could get the clothes on, well, almost, I had to use some posing tricks and angles to not look like I was going to bust some seams. :)

I couldn’t button the pants they sent and have to add my “belly band” over it so you couldn’t tell.


OK, now let’s just cut straight to the others questions you probably have:

1. Was this a surprise or did you plan it?

Totally planned, though when I asked my doctor if this was a great time to be having a baby I was assured, “Oh, all this will be over before you even have to worry about it!” Joke’s on…well, all of us I guess. :) 

I did want to have a baby now, I just didn’t plan for a global crisis. But you know, who did? We’ll roll with it.

2. Will you find out what you’re having this time?

If you recall, we did not learn the gender of the baby last time but this time around we decided to find out! And it’s…a boy!

big brother little brother shirts

While we haven’t had our second trimester ultrasound yet, my genetic blood work came back telling us it was a boy. I know Indy will love having a little brother. :)

3. Is this why you haven’t posted much lately?

Yep. The first trimester was a little rougher for me this time around. We finally figured out my blood sugar was too low so now that that’s better, and I’m out of the first trimester, I feel pretty good! 

Unfortunately, Indy will not let me take the afternoon naps I took when I was pregnant with him, so I’m ready for bed by 9 PM… or sometimes 8:30…(or sometimes earlier), but I’m surviving. 

4. What are you going to name this one?

I HAVE NO IDEA. We were definitely the people in the hospital who kept sending the birth certificate lady away because we didn’t have a name and finally settled on Indy the morning before we left to go home.

Hopefully now that we know it’s a boy we can at least have some names narrowed down by the time he’s here! Feel free to pass along any ideas, we’ll need them!

5. Are you going to try again for a girl??!

I think this will be it for us. I think we’re a two kid family and if that makes me a #boymom, so be it. :) I grew up with two brothers, loved getting to be with my two nephews as they’ve grown up (and I now have a third nephew!), and I’ve learned a lot about dinosaurs and construction vehicles over the past couple of years. I think I’ll be good.

Am I disappointed I don’t get to buy little girl clothing? Definitely. Will I save a LOT of money by not buying little girl clothing? YES. In fact, I think I’ll just think of terms of the clothes I don’t buy for a girl, I can buy for myself. Sounds like a good compromise. :)

Now, give me your suggestions for places with cute little boy clothes! Oh, and your name suggestions. We’re going to need some help!

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