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Meet Indy!

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Hi friends! I’m slowly resuming my work life so I’ll try to have a couple of new posts up each week while I get situated – no promises though! :) I’m still adjusting to my new normal and trying to work while the baby is sleeping. And speaking of baby:

Meet Indy!

You can read Indy’s birth story over on BabyCenter if you want, but essentially I had a pretty easy labor and delivery and had a sweet baby boy on Monday, December 18th. He weighed 8 lbs., 11 oz. and measured 20 inches long.

How we named him

Oh man, this was tough! He had no name until the morning we left the hospital! Back in November I somehow came up with the name Indiana (nickname Indy) as my new favorite name for a boy. My mom and I loved it and Brent actually kind of liked it – one of the few boy names we actually agreed on! Fast forward a few weeks and Brent wasn’t feeling it anymore and we had NO idea what we would name a boy.

We knew we’d have to come up with a name before we left the hospital (it’s required in Oklahoma) and we just hoped we’d come up with something by then! After the baby was born (and we knew it was a boy) we started discussions again and Indiana/Indy still didn’t make the cut. We asked every friend and family member who came to visit for suggestions and still, nothing.

I was up for a feeding early on the day we were going to be heading home and I knew we were out of time. (In fact, I had to send the birth certificate lady away a few times telling her I still wasn’t ready!) I was holding the baby and went through every single name I could think of, trying to decide what he looked like. Indy was the only thing that stuck so when Brent woke up I told him and he agreed. We also didn’t go with Indiana, just Indy. His middle name is James, for my dad (James), me (Jamie), and my brother-in-law, whose middle name is also James.

How he’s doing

Great! He seriously is the sweetest little guy. He is pretty content most of the time, unless we aren’t ready to feed him the second he decides he’s ready, then he get a little mad! He currently weighs around 11.5 lbs and is probably about 24 inches long – he’s soo long and it’s mostly in his torso (just like me).

Look at that long body!
Who he looks like

No idea! So far we can’t see any strong resemblance to anyone in the family, other than his torso length and the fact that his ears stick out a little (so do mine). I guess he just looks like Indy! It will be fun to see how he looks like in a couple of months and if things have changed.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of him on the blog (and my Instagram) in the future – and I still owe you a peek at his nursery, but no worries, this is still a fashion/beauty blog! I’ll be getting back to regular posts one of these days!

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  1. He’s a sweetie pie- congrats!

  2. glenda ross says:

    Love, love, love!

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