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Indy’s Nursery Reveal (8 Months Later)

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If you want to know what kind of mom I am, Indy’s nursery is just now decorated. (He turned 8 months old on Saturday!) :) It’s been about 90% finished since he was born, I just finished up a few last details, and honestly, probably still have a few more things I could do, but we’ll see if I get around to them! (Don’t hold your breath.) Anyway, here we go, Indy’s grand nursery reveal!

Indy's nursery reveal

What do you think?

His room was our guest/spare room that to my knowledge has always been an extra room. You might recall that we live in my grandparent’s old house and growing up I knew this room only as the “pink bedroom” because of the hot pink carpet it had. My mom said it was always a spare room when she was growing up too, so I think Indy’s the first person to really claim it as his own! Here’s where we started:

Indy's nursery before

Yikes, I know!

After clearing things out, we had a pretty blank space to work with:

Indy's nursery before

After choosing a design and color scheme, my mom and I got started. Since we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl at the time, I wanted something that would be easy to decorate for whoever ended up in there! I went with shades of gray and turquoise with accents of white and gold.

Indy's nursery reveal - JK Style

Indy's nursery reveal on JK Style

I knew that if we had a baby boy that navy would be a good color complement and this fun dinosaur from Hobby Lobby works perfectly! My mom found the metal “I” sign somewhere and after giving it a few coats of gold spray paint, it’s just the perfect touch!

Indy's nursery reveal - JK Style

The room has a built-in vanity and it’s the perfect place to keep some favorite stuffed toys and artwork from my sweet nephew. He brought these pictures he painted to my baby shower as a gift for his new cousin and I knew I wanted to display them in the room. <3

I really, really, REALLY love this room! Honestly, it’s the first room in our home that felt “finished” and it’s made me want to get the other rooms in shape!

You can see more of the room/process to get there over on Splendry today!

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