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Indy Update: 3 Months

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I had so much planned for this week, really I did. I was  going to do a review of my new Trendsend box, I had a giveaway planned, and then nothing got done! It was a perfect storm this week of work. I have five work deadlines to meet by Monday and we had to pack honey this week and I have a three-month-old baby and, yeah. I’m making some headway on my to-do list and hopefully things will get back on track next week!

I thought today instead of Friday Favorites we’d take a look at my favorite thing ever, Indy! He turned three months old this past Sunday and it’s crazy how big he’s getting! No, really, he’s actually big! At his two month check-up he was in the 99th percentile for height and I would imagine he’s grown another inch or so since then. I’m worried he’s about to outgrow his bassinet, Rock n’ Play, and his car seat! Not to mention I wrenched my arm picking him up the other day, ha! Luckily, he’s cute. That makes up for a lot. :)

Indy James - 3 months old - JK Style

He’s still loving his play mat from IKEA, he’s been trying out his activity chair and he still talks my ear off most days! For real, I think this kid if going to say his first word soon! (Or maybe he already has? I’ve got him on video trying to say “I love you” and “hello”!) He constantly has his hands in his face, especially when he’s tired, which means he is still wearing his mittens quite often! Over the past few weeks he’s also started drooling like crazy and there are a few signs that he might be starting teething. (I’m not ready for that!)

Indy James play mat - JK Style

Indy play chair - JK Style

He likes taking baths, going on walks in his stroller (which puts him to sleep), and is entertained by anyone or anything moving or talking. He wants to be facing the action at all times! He got to go to his cousin Simon’s school program last week and was captivated (or maybe terrified?) by the children singing.

Indy program - JK Style

He also had his first work day at the honey plant!

Indy & Papa at Ross Honey Co. - JK Style

We had to pack honey this week which meant Indy had to come along with me for the day. He didn’t help as much as he slept, so we’ll have to improve upon his work ethic. :)

Indy asleep - JK Style
Sleeping on the job!

He’s a pretty sweet guy all around!

Indy laughing - JK Style

I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll be back next week! :)

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