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Happy Birthday Indy!

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It’s quite unimaginable to me that today Indy turns a year old! This has been both the longest and shortest year of my life by far.

Last night Brent and I were looking at photos from over the year and it’s hard to believe that this tiny adorable little baby is now turning into a not-so-tiny adorable little boy.

Indy James - JK Style

Indy James first birthday - JK Style

I have never seen a more excited, happy baby and the amount of energy he has makes me a little nervous for his toddler days. :)

This sweet boy made me a mom, and then an eczema mom, a Neutropenia mom, and most recently a food-allergy mom. Those last three were definitely not on my wish list and we’re learning as we go. For all the hiccups we’ve had along the way this little dude is nothing but smiles, laughs, drool, and is literally bouncing off the walls. (Jumping is his favorite activity.)

Indy James - JK Style

Indy loves: jumping, flapping his arms in excitement, laughing with/at his dad, trying desperately to walk as fast as he can, water bottles, boxes, remote controls, and anything that’s not a toy that can go in his mouth.

Oh, and he loves me. Which is the best feeling in the world.

Indy James - JK Style

The feeling is mutual. 😊❤️

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