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Friday Favorites: 20 Week Pregnancy Update

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It’s been a week. We had our second trimester ultrasound last Friday which lead to a phone call this week from my doctor about how everything looked great, *but* (never what you want to hear) there was one thing causing some concern that they wanted me to get checked out with another ultrasound. This of course lead to 48 hours of worrying, trying not to Google scary medical things, and also coming down with a cold. The second ultrasound put all our fears to rest and I’m thrilled the weight of waiting on results is gone- now I’m just stuck with the cold!

I thought since today officially marks the halfway point of this pregnancy I’d give another update and document some things I want to remember!

How I’ve Been Feeling

Aside from this recent cold I’ve actually felt pretty great! I’m definitely in that sweet spot of the second trimester where my energy is (mostly) back, the food aversions are pretty much gone, and I’m just trying to get a billion things done while I’m still feeling good!

A little over a week ago I started feeling tiny little pops  when I’d sit in a certain position and while I thought it might be the baby I was feeling, I wasn’t so sure. A week later, I’m definitely sure! It’s been fun to feel more movement every day and Brent was even able to feel a little kick or punch the other night. Such a strange and amazing sensation!

How the Baby’s Doing

Great! Baby is growing perfectly and is now weighing in around 13 oz. It was SO tempting during both ultrasounds not to find out the gender but we’re still holding out! Whatever it is I’m pretty sure it was the cutest little baby I’ve seen! :)

Any Weird Cravings?

No, and I’m kind of disappointed about it! Maybe they’re still coming but as of now my appetite is still hit or miss and now that the food aversions are mostly gone I’m just kind of eating the same stuff as before. With the exception of deli meat, which is normally not my favorite but since I’ve been pregnant and can’t eat it, all I want to do is make a turkey sandwich! I keep telling Brent he’s going to have to bring me a Jimmy John’s sandwich after delivery! I’m still going through pickles like crazy, but, again, that’s not exactly abnormal for me!

What’s Next?

Getting this house in order! Let’s just say that right now, things are ROUGH around here. It looks like we are in the process of moving (in or out, I’m not sure) and I decided last night that the microwave is currently the only clean thing in this house. I’d show you photographic evidence to back this up but you will definitely judge me. And I wouldn’t blame you!

My mom has finished painting the baby’s room – I’ll wait and post the big reveal once we get some of the furniture in place! I think she wants to refinish the floors so once that’s finished we will start getting things in place! My goal is still to have everything in place by September so I can just rest up and try to relax a little before things get turned totally upside down – forever!

Here’s a question for you seasoned moms out there – I’m planning to have the baby sleep in our room at the beginning and am trying to figure out the best option – any suggestions as far as a mini crib, bassinet or bed-side sleeper like this?

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and I’ll see you Monday with fun style and beauty posts!

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  1. Beth says:

    A COLD turkey sandwich was seriously the only thing I wanted for the last five months of my pregnancy. First meal after he was born was a turkey sandwich from Jersey Mikes. Best sandwich of my life. :-) Congrats on the pregnancy!

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