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2nd Trimester Update

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I’m not sure how (in the longest year EVER), but I somehow find myself now in the third trimester of this pregnancy, and didn’t I just announce I was pregnant? 

It’s true, the first trimester lasts like 30 weeks and the second lasts 2. :) And while I’m very anxious to meet this baby, I also have six million things to do to prepare so I suppose his due date (end of February) will be good. 

When I was pregnant with Indy I did updates for each trimester, mostly to keep track of things for myself, but I know lots of you are baby/pregnancy people too and enjoy this kind of thing, so, here you go!

ultrasound - JK Style

Did you finish Indy’s new room yet? 

Nope. Nope, nope, nope. Ugh. 

I am *slightly* closer, I think? I’m in the process of turning our spare bedroom/my sewing room (which I haven’t sewed in pretty much since Indy was born) into Indy’s new bedroom. Eventually both boys can share the room but I wanted to get Indy settled in there soon so he doesn’t feel like we’re kicking him out of his bedroom once the baby comes. 

I’ve cleaned out/packed up/rearranged and more and think I probably need a couple more full work days until I can be ready to pull up carpet and do things like paint and move furniture. Well, have someone else paint and move furniture, anyway. :)

I have hopes it will still happen before the baby gets here, but even if it doesn’t I’m not too concerned. The baby will sleep in our room for a long time anyway, so all will work out! (Right?)

Has this pregnancy been different than the last?

Other than my blood sugar being a little low at times, physically it seems about the same. The real differences are of course what being pregnant in 2020 means. Brent can’t come to any doctor’s appointments (though thankfully he’s been allowed to ultrasounds), and all doctor’s office selfies include masks. mask selfie - JK Style

I’m really glad this isn’t my first pregnancy because I got to do all the fun in-person things last time around – wandering stores to check out baby gear, registering for gifts in person, getting to have a baby shower with lots of people, etc. I’ve felt so sad for my friends who didn’t get to experience those things due to life as we currently know it. 

Going to doctor’s appointments alone and not getting to have any family at the hospital when I deliver isn’t all that big of a deal to me. We’ll handle it and then nestle in with a newborn in a couple of months.  

How do you feel?

28 weeks pregnant - JK Style

Physically, I feel pretty good. A few more aches and pains this time around but I would imagine that’s due to chasing Indy around all day. I’m sure being older has nothing to do with it! ;) 


Hmm…it depends on the day. Or the hour. :)

I think it’s safe to say this year has been pretty difficult for everyone and some days I definitely feel the weight of 2020 more. I don’t want to wish away the last couple of months of pregnancy but I also so badly want to fast forward to the day when the world doesn’t seem so sad and scary. I could write a novel about my anxiety probably but I’ll skip that for now. I’m hanging in there. 

Any weird cravings?

Nope. I guess I am not one of those pregnant women who get cravings, which is kind of disappointing. Some things definitely sound better to me than others, but I was really hoping to find myself wanting to eat potato chips with mustard or something bizarre. I don’t even like mustard, that just sounds like a pregnancy-like craving, haha. 

I eat a lot of pickles, baby carrots, and chips and salsa, but I did that before the pregnancy too, so I don’t think it counts! I never really had any cravings with Indy except that in the third trimester I wanted Sonic ice a lot. (Isn’t ice like the most boring craving ever? Probably only second to plain water.) If you’ve been pregnant before did you experience actual cravings? What did you crave?

Do you have a name yet?


Just kidding.

No, definitely no. I mean, this time around we at least know it’s a boy and that still hasn’t done much to narrow things down for us. Brent has some favorites but everything is just kind of “meh” to me. If you’ve got a name suggestion, please let me know! 

There’s a little hiccup we keep running into. Since we already have a kid, we need a name that will flow with his (Indy). Here’s the issue, most likely we’d introduce our children by saying, “This is Indy and ____ (other child’s name).” 

“Indy and”, sounds like “Indian”, which makes some names just not work. :)

If you can think of something cool/creative/and works after “Indy and”, please let me know. 

How’s Indy?

Awesome, as always. He turns three in less than two weeks and he’s seriously the smartest, funniest, weirdest little kid ever and so much fun. He loves Blippi, golf, any type of sport with a ball, dinosaurs, Halloween (??) being chased, and…playing the banjo. Every mother’s dream come true. hahaha

But really, he wants Santa (still not sure how he knows Santa brings gifts?) to bring him a soccer ball and a white banjo. At least his interests are varied. :)

Indy baking cookies - JK Style

That’s my second trimester update! Back to our regularly scheduled programming on Thursday. :)

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