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Three posts this year, all within a week!  I thought I’d go back and review the earlier Ipsy bags I’ve received.

April was my first bag and I was pleasantly surprised by the service and what I received. First, the bag comes in an awesome pink bubble envelope, so, yeah. Who wouldn’t want to open that?

Only awesome things can be inside.

April’s bag brought some fun products, all tucked inside this sweet little bag:

The first product was a pretty pink nail polish – Sation Nail Lacquer in(color). This polish was not quite the right shade for my skin tone, but I’ve used it as an accent color (polka dots or stripes) and it’s pretty fun. The polish sells for $5.

Next was a pinky-gold shade of a shimmer eyeshadow. Mica Beauty Mineral Eyeshadow in Earth looked like it would be a pretty intense glitter experience, but it goes on really soft and gives just a hint of shimmer. I really like it, I’ve been adding it over my regular shadow for a little bit of a glow. For $14.95 it runs a little higher than a drug store brand but since you only need a small amount it should last a long time.

Next was another product that has made its way into my makeup bag – the Be a Bombshell Blush in Sweet Cheeks ($16.00).  This is a very bright pink but definitely not overwhelming, if used sparingly, of course.  I’ve been adding a touch to the apples of my cheeks for a “natural” flush. There’s a shimmer to it, but it’s not very obvious. Which is good, since I’m 30 and probably too old to walk around wearing glitter. Or am I?

The last item in the bag this month was a hair powder sample. The Big Sexy Hair Powder Play ($15.95) adds volume and texture to hair. I’m one of those people who hates the feel of any type of hair product that makes my hair feel anything other than clean, so this wasn’t my favorite, though it definitely added texture. Of course if I ever want anything other than my flat, straight hair, it might be worth playing around with.

So that’s it for April, a great introduction to Ipsy I’d say!



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