What I’m Pinning – February Edition

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I’ll admit I’m not quite as Pinterest-crazy as I once was.  I do still get on occasionally if I need to find a recipe or get some inspiration. And I still think that any girl that got married before Pinterest was around should get a do-over on a wedding. (Totally not fair.) 
With Spring on my mind I’m looking for a little inspiration – style, home, food, everything!  Here are a few things I’m “Pinning”.  

Feb collage 1

Pink Wide Leg Trousers / Gold Cuff / Fashion Uses for Household Products / Bobby Pins / Good Quote


Feb. collage 2

Gold watch / Strawberry Nutella Cake / Great Hair / Bag / Travel Outfit


collage 3

Office / Signature Necklaces / Style Quote / Summer Squash / Vienna 

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