I’m back from Mom 2.0! Did you miss me?

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Hi friends! It’s so weird to not be talking to your regularly. I took last week off to do some traveling to Orlando for the Mom 2.0 conference and got home Saturday afternoon and am currently trying to 1) catch up on rest, 2) process everything I took in at the conference, and 3) clean my house (SEND HELP). Thanks for being patient with my reposts and general lack of communication over the past few days! I should be back in the swing of things this week, but fair warning, I do have a super big project I’m working on, but more details on that later!

And now to answer any question you might have about where exactly I was last week, Mom 2.0 is a professional conference for online influencers. The conference brings brands and influencers together  and there are also tons of educational programs, networking opportunities and quite a few parties!

via Ritz-Carlton website

This year the conference was held at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, which if you are wondering is NOT the worst place to spend a few days! My days were spent meeting representatives from brands like Best Buy, Facebook, and Dove, and attending sessions on everything from pitching brands to establishing my own entrepreneurial journey. I also had the chance to do a couple of random fun things like test drive a new Kia Optima (I currently drive the 2004 version!) and interview Barry Watson (aka Matt Camden from 7th Heaven) about his new television show, Date my Dad.

test driving a new Kia Optima
Just so you know, I want this car!
After interview Barry Watson
After interview Barry Watson – he’s very nice!


Nights included parties where I met influencers and brand reps from all over and the event concluded Friday night with a fancy dinner and awards  ceremony to celebrate the best in parenting blogging (which is clearly not my area, but it’s still a good party)! If you work in communication, media, blogging, or are a brand wanting to connect with influencers I highly recommend attending! (And no, you don’t have to be a mom to attend!)

Having my hair done at the Dove Beauty Bar

I already bought my ticket for next year’s conference (which will be in Hollywood!) so maybe I’ll see you there!


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