Hello from Costa Rica!

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The last week has been a whirlwind of packing, re-packing, un-packing, re-packing again, and getting off and on airplanes so many times I am losing my concept of what day it actually is. It’s hard to believe a week ago today I was in the air headed to Laguna Niguel for Mom 2.0 and now I’m sitting by the hotel pool in San Jose, Costa Rica. (This is not a bad way to work, by the way!) I am in no way complaining about the opportunity to travel, but having never booked back-to-back trips before my brain is feeling a little slow. (In the 36 hours I was home over the weekend I lost and found my keys no less than six times.) If you travel for work frequently know that I am impressed with you.

Costa Rica poolside
I know, I know. I’d hate me too.

I’ll give a good recap of my time at Mom 2.0 later this week, but for today, I just wanted to check in, say hi, and make sure you saw photos from Monday night’s Met Gala (If not, I give you permission to leave my site immediately and GO LOOK). This is my favorite fashion event of the year and there are too many great looks that you don’t want to miss!

My plan for today is to sit by the pool and work until it starts raining (which could happen at any second as Costa Rica is technically in the rainy season and it usually rains at least once during the day), try to sift through my conference notes and make some sense of what I thought was important at the time, plan for new posts and try to figure out how to make 2016 the best EVER. Any advice? Any fashion/beauty/style/shopping info you want me to write about? Tell me!

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