Friday Favorites: July 7, 2018

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Did you have a great 4th of July holiday (for those of you in the US)? When I was in college I started bringing home my group of friends to celebrate the 4th in my little hometown and though most of them have now moved away, my friend Stephanie and her husband still generally spend the evening  with us. Brent cooks something fantastic (have I mentioned he’s GREAT in the kitchen?) and then we head to the town fireworks show with our lawn chairs or blankets. It’s one of my favorite days of the year and I hope we keep this tradition up for years to come! Do you have any fun 4th of July traditions? I’d love to hear about them! And now, let’s get to my Friday Favorites!

*This post does contain some affiliate links, meaning if you click on or purchase something through a link I provide I may earn a small commission.*

1. Giveaways!

It might be that I’m biased but I already think I have the coolest baby around, and I haven’t even met him/her yet! I think you might like them too, especially since the arrival of this baby means lots of goodies for you! I am doing a major clean out of my guest room (soon to be nursery) which is where I store all my makeup, skincare, and style products I receive. There’s just no way I can get to even trying all of these things so I figure I might as well just share them with you guys! Be looking for LOTS of giveaways over the coming months (and one next week).

2. New Glasses!

I had my yearly eye exam a couple of weeks ago and think I want to update my glasses this year. I don’t wear glasses very often but I’d like to occasionally swap my contact lenses out for some cute frames! Warby Parker’s summer collection is super fun and I might be requesting a few pair to try at home soon! I’ll probably be requesting your input soon!

Friday Favorites Warby Parker Hadley 1
Friday Favorites Warby Parker Stockton 1


3. These sunscreens

Friday Favorites - 3 Sunscreens That Won’t Leave You Feeling Oily on Splendry

I still have my favorite sunscreens, but if you’re still in the market you might want to check out this article we just ran on Splendry on sunscreens that won’t leave your skin oily!

4. Awesome Deal on this Capsule Collection

If you’re looking for another great deal, Cents of Style has three awesome offers on their capsule collection this weekend!

friday favorites capsule collection

You can mix and match from the collection (items also come in lots of colors!) with these three offers:

  • Buy 2: For a 2-Piece collection, you will use code FF2CAPSULE. This takes 30% off the total price.
  • Buy 4: For a 4-Piece collection, you will use code FF4CAPSULE. This code takes 40% off the total price.
    The combinations here are endless. Love both bottoms, tank and sandal? Get all 4 for just $65! Need a dress? Get our swing dress, chambray top, sandals & tank for $82! Also, if you order a 4 piece collection, you’ll get $10 bounceback cash that can be used on a $20 purchase.
  • Buy 8: For the total (8-Piece) collection, you will use code FF8CAPSULE. This code takes 50% off the total price. It’s an insane deal that makes the full 24 looks for about $140. Plus, you’ll receive $20 bounceback cash to be used on a $40 purchase. (Bounceback cash will be sent in a separate email after purchase and will be good for any purchase July 21st through July 30.

Friday Favorites Cents of Style capsule collection 2

You get to pick from tops, bottoms, shoes, ankle boots, wraps, so much good stuff to mix and match!


I hope you have a fantastic Friday, friends!

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