Friday Favorites: August 31, 2018

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Is anyone else freaking out that September is TOMORROW? JUST ME? OK! I feel kind of like this year skipped me somehow. I’m seriously trying to catch up to life, but I think I’m still about three months behind. Ugh. While I contemplate the mess that is my life at the moment, let’s take a look at my Friday Favorites for today!

1. New beauty box arriving soon!

allure beauty box - friday favorites - jk style

Well, it’s really not new. In fact, I used to get this box years ago! I recently saw an ad for the Allure Beauty Box and it made me curious to try it again! I signed up and am patiently waiting on my (new) first box to arrive! Do you subscribe? Do you like it? Obviously I’ll share a review once it comes, so no worries there!

2. This dress

Universal thread sundress - Friday Favorites - JK Style

I saw this dress recently on a trip to Target and think it’s the perfect dress to transition into fall. The length is great, the color is bold, and the wrap style is super flattering. (The $27.99 price tag is pretty great too!)

3. Changes

I know, I know, I keep talking about changes to JK Style, but I do it to keep myself accountable! In reality, I should probably devote the time I spend here to Splendry (my “real” job), but truthfully, I think I need this creative outlet. Which means, I think you’ll be seeing more of me than usual! Instead of sporadic posting and not knowing when you’ll hear from me again, expect posts up EVERY day. Yes, some of these will be older posts that are still relevant and timeless (I’ve got yeeaarrss of great content to share!) but there will be at least a few new posts up every week. I’m going to keep doing more video posts and probably start doing more Facebook live stuff too, so make sure you’re following along there! I miss my old community here and want to get you all back! This is me, coming for you! Talk to you soon! :)

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