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Friday Favorites: April 5, 2019

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I saw a meme recently about how we’ve now completed three months of 2019 as a trial and were now ready to actually start the year. Sounds about right to me!

I’m just going to pretend April 1 was really the beginning of what’s going to be a GREAT YEAR. Hear that, universe? A GREAT YEAR!

Let’s start off the year with some Friday Favorites!

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1. New hair!

I was in desperate need of a hair cut before I left town for the wedding so I made that a priority! I popped into Trichology Salon a couple weeks ago to have Andrea give me a good trim and left feeling great.

I love a good hair cut!

As always, I intend to keep up with the cut and then usually realize that it’s been close to a year since I had a trim so we’ll see if I can manage to make at least two trips this year! :)

2. This dress

In my quest for a dress for the wedding I stopped into Dillard’s after my hair cut to see if there were any new arrivals I hadn’t yet seen (have I mentioned I’d been looking forevvvvver?).

I found this pretty pale pink maxi over in the juniors section (don’t underestimate the juniors section!) and brought it home to try.

GB Smocked Waist Maxi Dress

I considered wearing it to the wedding but as the temperatures were dropping significantly before the ceremony I decided this was the perfect rehearsal dinner dress. (I’ll share soon what I wore to the wedding.)

In all the busyness of the evening, I never got a good photo of the dress, though here’s a little glimpse of the top!

I think it’s a fantastic dress for a spring weddings, especially at just $69! I’m excited to wear it again!

3. New mask alert!

The night before the wedding I decided to go to bed early and do a little self care while Indy slept. I had brought a few face masks from home and tried this Milk mask I had received in a subscription box at some point.

LALAFOX Milk Moisturizing Mask

It truly was milky, as I realized I had milk running down my face when I sat up to quickly! (It helps to keep a towel close to your neck to keep your clothes dry!)

My face felt ultra-moisturized and I give it two thumbs up.

4. Foundation find

I very rarely wear foundation. In fact, the only times I ever wear it are if I know I’m going to be photographed or on television.

Since I knew there would be lots of photos taken after the wedding I popped into Walgreens to pick up some foundation to wear.

I have no preferred foundation and just grabbed something I thought would work.

L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Matte 24hr Foundation

This L’Oréal semi-matte foundation in light something was great. I applied it using a blending sponge and it really gave my makeup a great finish.

Another two thumbs up!

That’s all I’ve got for today, I’ll see you Monday!

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