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I’m a sucker for presents. I know that sounds bad, but I absolutely love opening gifts.  It doesn’t even matter what’s inside, whether it costs $1 or $100, I just love the surprise that comes with it. I think that’s why I love these new subscription services lately! It’s like getting gifts every month (that you have to pay for of course)!

I follow Coco Rocha on Instagram. If you aren’t familiar with her, she’s a super model and television personality (The Face and America’s Next Top Model). She posted that she curates a subscription gift box for Fancy, a cool webstore that sells really unique items.

This subscription runs a bit more expensive than some others but the value of what you are receive makes it a great deal still.  For $39.99 (plus shipping) you receive 4-5 items that Cocoa has chosen that are valued at around $80-$100.  I’ve only been a subscriber for a month so I’ll definitely update on the next few boxes.

Here is what I received in the July box:

July box

The first item was a set of Rocked Headphones by Urban Beatz. These are a little, ok, way cooler than I am, but I feel much more awesome wearing them.  They have great sound and are really comfortable.  They run about $50, so, that’s already more than I paid for the entire box!

The second item was a set of makeup brushes by Japonesque. I’m not an expert on makeup brushes but the reviews are really great for these, I have yet to try them out as I’m still considering gifting them, so we’ll see. These sell for $30.

Japonesque Brushes

The third item I received was a pair of Rose Wayfarer sunglasses. These have a great shape and really fun pattern. Again, not necessarily my style, but still so fun I think I will give them a try.  These sell for $15.

The last item was an autographed copy of Elle Mexico, which features Coco on the cover.  She had posted a video on Instagram of her signing these, so that’s pretty fun to see!

Coco Rocha on the cover of Elle Mexico

Overall, I was pretty pleased with this box. I don’t know that I’ll always be able to justify spending close to $50 a month on a box of “presents” for myself, but this is one of those reasons why I don’t have kids right now, right? Plus, items that I don’t love for myself would make great gifts for other people!

Fancy also does different boxes – one curated by Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Pink, etc. and also non celebrity boxes, focused on the things you like.  If you’re interested in Coco’s box, check out the link here and let me know if you subscribe and what you think!  I should receive my next box in a week or so and I’ll post another review.


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