Europe Update!

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I know I just told you yesterday that I was headed to Europe but I’ve actually been here almost a week now! I thought I’d give you a tiny update! (Oh and ignore the format of this post, I’m using the iPad and it’s not quite the same!

Day 1: Travel to London!

Day2: Arrive in London at 6:30 AM and try to fit in as many sites as possible while fighting exhaustion!




Day 3: Head to Paris! Since I did most of the planning, I opted for less time in London for more time in Paris and Rome!



Day 4-5 More Paris (If you were worried I didn’t have time to shop, rest assured.)

Day 6: Rome! We hopped on a quick flight last night and spent the day taking in the sites. I’m so glad my husband loves Paris and a Rome as much as I do! (Now he’ll want to come back!)




We have another full day in Rome tomorrow, followed by a day in Cinque Terre, some time in Vienna and a couple days in Prague!

See you soon! :)

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