Europe Update- Part 2

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A little update on the second part of my trip!

Day 7: Rome
We hit the Vatican, which was crazy busy because the Pope addresses the crowds on Wednesdays.


We did the tour and saw the Sistine Chapel, etc. followed by other attractions (and shopping, duh).

Day 8: Took a train to La Spezia so we could check out the Cinque Terre area. When I went back in college I did the hike through the five cities but this time we opted for trains and a more leisurely stroll!



I may have taken a quick nap on the beach!

Day 9: Spent the morning in La Spezia then headed for our train to Venice to catch our overnight to Vienna!


Day 10: Wake up in Vienna! Vienna will always have a special place in my heart (that’s where we lived during my semester abroad) and I was glad to have the chance to show my husband around.



Day 11: One more day in Vienna spent mostly wandering as it was a Sunday and pretty much everything was closed! Hopped on an overnight train to Prague!

Day 12: It was a rainy day in Prague so it was a good time to stroll the streets and we just happened to come across a few malls, so that was convenient!

Tomorrow we have one more day in Prague followed by an overnight train back to Vienna where we will spend one more day before heading home!

What a trip it has been! If you ever, ever, ever have the opportunity to travel to Europe, DO IT. You won’t regret it!

And if you were thinking it would awesome to have some giveaways with a few European finds, you just might be in luck! Stay tuned..,


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