Christmas Recap

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How was your Christmas? I’m happy to say I wasn’t sick over Christmas for the first time in about 5 years! (I was sick the week before.) We celebrated with my family on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning and then with my in-laws Christmas day/the next morning. It’s nice to have both families near by (everyone’s within about an hour of each other) so those of you who do have to make plans to trade-off holidays or  spend days in cars and planes, I get that holidays have a lot of extra stress to them!

Here’s a few of the fashion/beauty related gifts I received this year! My family knows me well!

This is the first year I gave Brent zero help with gift ideas. Usually I give him a few suggestions but this year I just couldn’t think of anything I wanted! He did amazing on his own! He bought me this Vogue: The Editor Eye book that I’ve had my eye on over the years. I can spend hours just flipping through the pages!

Christmas recap: Inside Vogue: The Editor Eye book

Christmas recap: Inside Vogue: The Editor Eye book
Apparently there’s a penny on the floor that I did not notice until now!

He also majorly surprised me with this beautiful MVMT watch! He knows me well!

Christmas recap MVMT watch


My in-laws gave me a fun fashion calendar, a jewelry trinket tray and a beautiful Kendra Scott necklace:

Christmas recap Kendra Scott necklace

If you remember from my Breakfast at Tiffany’s post, I was swooning over Patricial Neal’s  red turban.

Breakfast at Tiffany's Patricia Neal

I found a black one my mom bought for me:

Christmas Recap winter turban

And that eye mask below is from my brother, Marcus. The mask is molded so that it doesn’t lie flat against your eyes meaning you can actually blink comfortably! It’s supposed to help with sleep quality too!

Marcus also gave me a Lush body bar (purple bar in the top photo) that smells INCREDIBLE – very lemon-y and fresh and my obsession with Lush products just continues to grow!

Some beautiful earrings from my mom.

I’d say it was a very stylish Christmas! Now, on to my birthday this Saturday! :)

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