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So, I’ve been so spotty with posting here lately. I try and try to get myself on some sort of a schedule and then life happens and this is the thing that constantly gets pushed back. Ugh. I feel like the nice little community I had going for a while is slipping away and I really want to get you back! :) So, if you’re reading this, just know I do have plans to be more consistent and hopefully over the next couple of months I can get things situated! I fully intended to get 3 posts up this week but between errands and the fact that our power was out all last night (ugh) it’s not going to happen. So, no “real” Friday Favorites tomorrow. :(

I’m headed to Texas with my parents so we can introduce Indy to my great-aunt, who is (I think) 94? 95? Somewhere around there. We’re just staying overnight, but I am a little anxious about a mini road trip with a tiny loud dude who has been known to have mood swings. (Also known as being a baby.) Wish us luck, I’ll let you know how it goes!

To thank you for your patience with me, I’ll leave you with some adorable photos.

indy james indy james


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