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August Ipsy Bag

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Today was a looooong day. But things totally turned around when I remembered my August Ipsy bag had arrived! (They notify you when it’s shipped so you can track.)

I try not to look at the website once the bags have shipped so it remains a surprise and this month I had zero clue as to what was inside. Once again, I’m happy!

This month’s bag is a pretty purple.

“Ipsy Glamour Academy”


The Noya vanilla lip balm smells sweet and goes on smooth. I’ll have to try it a few days to give a full review. I have the driest lips ever (EVER) so I’m always looking for a great lip balm. This sells for $3.99.

So far all the blushes I’ve received from Ipsy have been great. They have all been products I definitely wouldn’t have picked up on my own but I would have been missing out. The City Color Cheek Stain in Pink is no different. I’ve always been nervous to try stains because the colors always look so bright it’s hard for me to imagine it not looking like clown makeup on me. But, I trust Ipsy so I tried it and really liked it. It is really easy to blend and looks like a perfect natural flush on my fair skin. Plus, it sells for $2.99 (and I get 20% off this month) so you can’t really beat that!

I also received some Pixi Lash Booster Mascara. I’ve never found my perfect mascara, I usually go back and forth between different CoverGirl and Maybelline products so maybe this will be it!It’s definitely pricier ($17) than my usual mascara picks but I’m open to it if it’s “the one”.

I’ve always had pretty good skin (thanks Mom!) so my skincare routine isn’t too intense. I generally use a gentle daily wash and then some sort of exfoliating scrub or pad a couple of times a week just to get that really good clean feeling. I’m excited to try the Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub deluxe sample that was in the bag. I am not familiar with this line but I have seen some great reviews. The 3.4oz size sells for $18 (but I can buy for 30% off).


Since I’m not a skincare fanatic I’m not too familiar with BB Creams, though I’ve heard of them. The Pacifica Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream ($18/1 oz.) sounds pretty great based on the claims on the package. It should “perfect, hydrate, and diminish pores, fine lines and uneven tone” while the “specialized mineral pigments instantly adjust to your skin”. Worth a try!

So that’s August’s bag! Still an awesome deal for $10/month! Check it out!

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