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Hi friends! Sorry things (again) have been a little quiet this week! I had some things come up last week and decided to hold off on any new content for a few days. My plan was to get back to it by Monday (yesterday), but I’m right in the middle of packing my bags for the Mom 2.0 conference tomorrow and my to-do list is still reeaalllyy long!

There is currently nothing in this suitcase.

This will be my third Mom 2.0 conference and I’m excited to dive in and come back with all kinds of new ideas and information to make both JK Style and Splendry better. Just a refresher, Mom2.0 is basically a conference for digital influencers, brands, etc. to meet up and exchange lots of great information. Last year at the conference I was eight weeks pregnant and SO tired, so maybe I’ll keep my eyes open a little bit better this time!

While I’m just a bit anxious about leaving Indy for a few days (a bit anxious is an understatement), I think it will be good for me to get away for a bit. My head has been in a fog for the past couple of weeks dealing with lots of stuff, I’m sure you can relate. I’m hoping I come back Saturday feeling a little bit refreshed and uplifted. I could use it.

I’ll have a Friday Favorites post up this week and then will hopefully get some more new content up next week!

I hope you all are having a great week and I’ll talk to you soon!

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