My Travel Style

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Let’s talk travel, specifically, my travel style and how I handle packing, boarding, and all the in-between!

Remember when the world collectively stopped travelling back in 2020? (I’m guessing you do.) We all just quit going places and forgot how to pack suitcases and download boarding passes.

Once travelling became somewhat normal again (will anything ever really feel normal again?) I had to book a trip, and since then I’ve had to book another, and have many (many) more planned.

If you’ve been around for a bit you might recall that my oldest son, Indy, has food allergies. 

We’ve now been a food allergy family for several years at this point and after hearing about (and thoroughly researching) a treatment program we are now enrolled at the Southern California Food Allergy Institute where Indy will have appointments every nine weeks or so for the next 3+ years. 

That’s a lot of trips to California we’ll be making.

But, this post isn’t about the food allergies, or the treatment program (but do please ask me questions if you have them! You can also follow the Instagram account I’ve created to chronicle his treatment.), but about all the style/beauty/travel things I’m using/learning as I go!

Obviously this list will change as I continue to make more and more trips, but for now, here are my go-to items.

My Current Travel Style

travel style tips

1. Travel-day outfit

My outfit for airplane days includes something lightweight and a layering piece, in a couple of different combinations.

First, linen pants/top/cardigan

my travel style - travel outfit - JK Style

Super comfortable, but still looks put-together. I prefer not to wear jeans on a plane though I will on occasion. 

The linen pants have a drawstring waistband so they’re more comfortable. (Seriously, they’re like wearing pajama pants). They don’t wrinkle, and work well with flats, sandals, or even a sneaker if that’s your preference.

travel style - outfit options

I add a comfy top (last time I opted for a pretty jewel-adorned green tee) and then have a lightweight cardigan that is great for the plane if it’s cold, but easy to store if it’s not.

Another option I’ll do is a jumpsuit (plus cardigan) or even a maxi dress (with, you guessed it, a cardigan.)

2. Cute Carry-on Bag

Traveling with a small child (he’s 4 1/2 as I write this) means you’ve got to have all the snacks, changes of clothes, water cups, etc. Plus, for him I carry his bag of medications and epi pens should he have an allergic reaction. I need a bag that’s big enough for those things but prefer something purse-size.

my travel style - backpack - JK Style


Soft Utility Backpack

I found this great bag at Target last fall and it’s been perfect. (Plus, it’s still available!) You can carry it by the handles or use it as a backpack which is so great in the airport. It’s got a laptop sleeve and a couple of pockets inside and fits all my things perfectly. 


The outer pockets are great for storing things I’ll need to access easily on the flight – handwipes, or a water bottle, etc. I’ve been very happy with this purchase!

It comes in a few other colors/prints too, just FYI!

3. Small Travel Purse

After my first trip to the clinic back in December I wanted a small purse that would work for carrying my phone, wallet, and airpods so they’d be easy to access at all times. This bag is perfect and worked great on my last trip. It also is small enough to fit in my carry-on if I need it to.

small travel purse

Mali & Lili Josie Tripe Zip Crossbody Bag

It has three zippered compartments. I use the largest pocket for my phone (I have the iPhone 13 Pro Max, so it’s big!), the middle for my wallet, and the smallest for my airpods, or my keys if I’m not traveling. Everything stays organized and I’m not fumbling around my usual giant purses for my wallet or needing my boarding pass on my phone.

small travel purse

I have the Dark Mauve shade, but it comes in tons of colors too (29!) and I will probably grab another at some point. It’s a great everyday bag if you don’t want to carry a ton and I highly recommend it.

4. Travel Skincare Set

I’m a person that likes using their skincare products while traveling but also want to pack as efficiently as possible. Instead of packing up all my cleansers, day cream, night cream, sunscreen bottles, or trying to get them in travel-sized containers, I opted to buy one travel skincare set from a brand I love. 

Ren clean start set

Ren Clean Start Set

I’ve used a few products from REN over the years (and regularly use their daily sunscreen) and saw they made a travel kit that included cleanser, day cream, night cream, sunscreen, and “recovery” product for sensitive skin.

I’ve only seen this set available at one shop online these days so I’m wondering if it’s been discontinued. In that case I’ll have to find some more options!

I’m currently considering these options:

This is all what is currently getting me through my trip planning. I’m sure things may change a little as I go, so I’ll let you know when I find new ways to travel in style. :)

And if you have any favorites to share, please do! I have a LOT of travel ahead of me and could use all the tips!

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