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My Favorite Spa Treatments at Miraval

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Is Miraval on your bucket list? (If not, add it pronto!) Sharing some of my favorite spa treatments I had while visiting!

I turned the big 4-0 this year (Shocking, right? Right?!?) and while Brent threw me a truly marvelous birthday weekend, I also had the opportunity to celebrate with some of my closest friends as we took a group “40th celebration” trip to Miraval Arizona back in May.

I wrote a little about it when I got home but honestly I could fill pages and pages writing about that trip! If you ever, ever, ever think you might have a chance to go, go. GO.

woman taking photo in front of mirror in bathroom at Miraval resort in Arizona
It was a week of athleisure for sure!

Today I wanted to share some thoughts on the trip, specifically related to…THE SPA. I mean, going to a world-renowned spa kind of deserves some mention on this style and beauty blog. 

When you book a trip to Miraval part of the fun is the anticipation and planning of ALL the things you want to do. I looked at the list of activities, classes, and spa treatments for weeks and weeks trying to plan out my ideal itinerary. Obviously once I was there I changed it some (ha) but it was fun to plan!

A few things to note: 

Before I get into the spa treatments I wanted to say something about the activities Miraval offers. There are SOOOO many things offered every day that are included in your stay (& require zero extra money). Lots of yoga and other fitness classes, lectures, etc. But there are some things like spa treatments, certain fitness or other classes, that are an additional charge.

One super important thing to note, if you are staying at Miraval you have a $175 credit each night you stay (sometimes they run specials and it’s more, just FYI!) that you can put toward any of these “extra” activities. 

Just wanted to share that! Want to book a $250 massage? Put your credit toward it! Just wanted to make that clear so if you’re interested in booking your own trip you’ll have that info!

Miraval Spa Treatments - JK Style

Spa Treatments I Did at Miraval

My goal for the trip was at least one spa treatment a day while we were there and I hit my goal! Here are the spa treatments I booked and what I thought of them.

life in balance spa at Miraval Arizona
The gorgeous Life in Balance Spa

1. Friday’s Spa Treatment: Tula

We arrived Friday around lunch time and I booked a treatment for 8:00 that night so I’d be nice and relaxed for bed. It worked, I definitely was!

Length: 50 minutes (they also offer an 80 minute version)

Cost: $235 (minus $175 credit = $60)

This is the description Miraval has for this treatment: 

TULA Sanskrit for balance, Tula restores vitality to open energy channels, stimulates circulation, and relaxes muscles. A practitioner glides gua sha stones over meridians, massages you with essential oils, then wraps you in warm desert-herbed towels.

Pretty much what they describe! It was very relaxing and my skin felt amazing afterward. Another in our group also had this treatment that night and said she was very sore the next day, I didn’t experience that at all. Mine was just a gentle and relaxing massage that left me very ready for bed.

2. Saturday’s Spa Treatment: Quantum Energy Face Treament 

I had a facial booked for later in my stay so I booked this “product light” treatment just to try it out!

Length: 50 minutes (there’s also an 80 minute version offered)

Cost: $275 (again, factor in your resort credit here!)

The Miraval description: 

This product-light facial treatment delivers visible results and relaxation. A facial reflexology detector stimulates internal organs & structures, giving you the feeling of an overall body release. Treatment includes manual lymphatic drainage.

Did I feel anything from this? Eh, not really. It was just a relaxing way to spend an hour. If I were to go back, I might not do this treatment again. Nothing wrong with it, I just didn’t feel/see results in any way. But who knows, maybe I got some benefit I don’t know about!

Miraval Arizona resort
Gorgeous scenes all around!

3. Sunday’s Spa Treatment: Prickly Pear Sugar Scrub

I had a body scrub on my honeymoon 15 years ago and thought it was time for another, haha. 

Length: 50 minutes 

Cost: $245


This full-body exfoliation uses pure cane-sugar-rich oils, prickly pear, and calendula extract. A hydrating body butter application completes the experience and leaves you with a full-body glow.

Exactly what they ^ said! My skin was super soft and the only downside was that we had an amazing bathtub in our room but I didn’t want to use it and wash away all they applied! I’d do this again for sure. 

4. Monday’s Spa Treatment: Renew and Restore Facial

I’ve only had two real facials in my life (one for my birthday this year, and one about 10 years ago!) I definitely wanted one on this trip and looooved it.

Length: 50 minutes

Cost: $215


This detoxifying and hydrating facial and peel, created by renowned Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross, exfoliates and delivers potent anti-aging ingredients with gentle massage and a marine hyaluronic mask for intense hydration without recovery time.

This was delightful and when I say my face was glowing when I was done, I mean, GLOWING. Since I’ve been home I’ve actually been using some Dr. Dennis Gross products (great Prime Day sale finds!) and am glad I picked this treatment to introduce me. I’d book this again too.

gong at Miraval Arizona

And that, friends, were my spa treatments at Miraval Arizona.

Well, now feeling slightly depressed I’m sitting next to a pile of waiting-to-be-folded laundry and not getting ready for a massage or something. Ugh, real life can be a bummer. :)

Have you been to Miraval? Planning to go soon? I’d love to hear what you’ve tried or want to try. There are so many amazing options!


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