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Tuesday Tip: Emphasizing Eyes

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For a girl who has read a million fashion magazines I’ve always been a little late to the game on following makeup and beauty trends. In fact, I really didn’t even wear much makeup until college and even then, it wasn’t a lot. It wasn’t that I thought I didn’t need it, I just didn’t really know what I was doing! (Maybe I still don’t?) The older I get, the more I think it’s fun to experiment with different techniques and new trends though. Today I’m sharing a couple tricks I’ve found to emphasize and intensify my eyes!


Waterline Liner

When I did my birthday makeover earlier this year, the lady doing my makeup added some turquoise eyeliner to my waterline as a way to intensify my eyes. How did I not already know this?  For years I’ve been wiping away eyeliner that got onto my waterline! Now, who wants to see a way too closeup photo of my un-makeup-ed eye? 



You’re welcome. 

I have kind of big eyes so I always wear eyeliner. And mascara, obviously, since you can tell how light my lower lashes are!

eyeliner without water line


For extra intensity, I add some turquoise right on the water line:

with turquoise liner

I know, I know, you’ve probably been doing this for decades or something, but just in case there are a few others behind like I was (am)!

Eyebrow Thickening

My eyebrows are pretty low maintenance – not much plucking required, no waxing, and the shape isn’t too bad, however, I think they’re a little thin. Especially when I see photos of myself.  I’ve been thickening them up a bit for years with different pencils and it’s amazing the difference it makes!


eyebrows bare
Close-ups are little scary, aren’t they? Hello, pores!


With a little help:

eyebrows with filler

I like pencils with a thicker consistency. The key is to blend really well with a brush so they don’t look drawn on. (Not what I’m going for!) I’d still love to have them groomed more into a better shape but until then, this is a start!  My favorites are the OFRA Universal Brow Pencil and Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wizard. I’m sure some makeup pros can tell me more of what I’m doing wrong, but for my every day, this works for me!


jamie 6
Hello, Internet!


As always, let me know if you have any tips to share!

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