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Tuesday Tip-Day: Invest in a Steamer

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I worked as manager of a women’s boutique a few years back and aside from developing a love of a certain expensive denim brand, I also took home a love of a certain appliance. Is that weird?
When boutiques receive merchandise, it typically arrives all rolled up in plastic bags packed into large boxes. I use to love when we’d receive new merchandise – all the unpacking was like Christmas! Pulling out layers of tissue paper, hanging each item on a garment rack, and then grabbing the steamer. Yes, I fell in love with a steamer. So much so that I registered for a really nice one when I got married. And I loved it! (It broke, but that’s another story.)

5-27 steamer

I can’t tell you how little I iron. Actually, aside from sewing products, I pretty much never iron anything. And this doesn’t even require some large piece of equipment. I picked up travel steamer a few years back and I use it all the time! 

travel steamer

Steamers work great on those items that are a little too delicate for the iron, or items with layers like lace or linings. You can even get steamers with an attachment to press pants (you probably wont’ get quite the same crease, but how often do I press pants?) I CANNOT recommend getting a steamer enough. So, just go ahead and do it. You won’t regret it!


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  1. Susan says:

    I don’t iron because all of my clothes that get ironed go directly to the dry cleaners to get cleaned and pressed :)

  2. I love my steamer! It makes my life easier because I hate ironing and I have ruined a few shirts because I was too careless to read the label! Great post!


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