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Shopping Survival – Shopping Tips to Make You a More Confident Shopper!

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So, shopping may be my cardio, but I get that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  It can be overwhelming and just plain not fun for a lot of people.  Here are a few shopping tips I hope will help next time you brave the stores.

Shopping Tips

shopping tips - JK Style

1. Beware the Sale

Don’t convince yourself you “need” that item just because it’s 75% off. If you wouldn’t be even the slightest bit interested in it at full price, just walk away!

2. Ignore the Size

You may wear a size 6 in one store, and a size 12 in another. Don’t pay attention to the tag, find the garment that fits you perfectly! Be willing to take multiple sizes in the dressing room or ask the attendants to bring you more options. You’re shopping for the item that looks great on you!

shopping tips - jk style

3. Make Sure You’re Sold

If you have to talk yourself into an item, you probably won’t wear it. If you don’t love something once you’re in the dressing room, toss it. It will just take up space in your closet later.

shopping tips - JK Style

4. Dress the Part

Just like you have your workout clothes, have your “serious shopping” clothes. These are clothes that are comfortable, and most importantly, easy to change in and out of for quick trips to the dressing room (leave the 3 layers, tights, belts, etc. home for another day). In some cases, you can skip the dressing room entirely, just try that jacket on over your tee, and you’re good to go.

5. Invest Wisely

As always, invest in the classics, go cheap on trends. (Dollar-wise, not dignity wise- let’s never be cheap, OK?) If you find a great item you know you’ll wear for years to come, don’t be afraid to shell out a few more dollars than normal. For the trends you know will come to an end in a matter of months? It’s more than OK to shop for more affordable options.

Target, Walmart, even stores like Forever21 and H&M will provide lots of trendy options so you won’t feel bad if you decide a trend isn’t for you! Curious about all those Internet ads that pop up advertising gorgeous clothes? This   Chicwish review will help you make a decision!

Hope these shopping tips have helped you feel a little more confident on your next trip! Best of luck!

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