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Tuesday Tip: Shoe Storage – How I Was Able to Fit 60+ Pairs of Shoes in My Small Closet

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I’m just going to put it all out there: I own a lot of shoes. I could pretend to feel guilty about it (and maybe I have in the past), but these days I don’t think twice. See, I don’t spend money on hobbies like golf or tennis. I could care less about fancy meals, massages or bouquets of flowers. As Carrie Bradshaw once said, “I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not out buying expensive designer shoes or taking out a loan to fund my shoe habit. Quite the contrary, I’d say the majority of the shoes in my closet were pretty cheap! When your feet have been the same size for now more than half of your life, it doesn’t always make sense to keep tossing perfectly good (sometimes fantastic!) shoes! The problem that I tend to run into is this: How do I store a lot of shoes in a small closet??

The answer my friends, is blowing in the wind…just kidding, it’s all about shoe storage! I am now currently storing over 60 pairs of shoes in my small closet with room to spare! Here’s how I did it and how I can still find the pair I’m looking for!

My Tricks to Shoe Storage

1. Over-the-door organizer

Now obviously you’ve seen these and probably have one or two yourself, but just letting you know I’m utilizing one too.

shoe storage over-the-door organizer

This is where I keep a lot of go-to heels. My basic black, grey, and nude pumps, etc. I’ve also got a few pairs of slippers at the bottom. I currently have 14 pairs here (though in the past I have doubled up on spots so it is possible to store more if you need to!).

2. IKEA Trones Shoe Cabinets 

IKEA Trones shoe cabinet - shoe storage

This was a great IKEA purchase! $39.99 for three of these cabinets that are great for storing flats, flip-flops and sneakers. They even have space on top which I use for storing sunglasses and other small items.

shoe storage - IKEA Trones shoe cabinet 1

This one hangs on the wall and the other two rest on the floor below.

shoe storage - IKEA Trones shoe cabinet 2

Depending on the size of shoes you store you could probably get six or seven pairs in each. (Or LOTS of pairs of flip-flops!) I’ve currently got about 14 pairs of shoes over the three cabinets, including a couple pair of sneakers.

shoe storage - IKEA Trones Shoe Cabinet 3

3. Multiple Pairs in One Box

And now for the rest. I prefer to store my shoes in boxes to keep them in better shape, but 30 or 40 boxes becomes a lot! Instead, I found a way to store multiple pairs in one box to save room!

Shoe Storage - Multiple flats in box

Shoe Storage - Multiple heels in box

Now you’re probably wondering how in the world I know how to find the pair I’m looking for, right? My initial plan was to photograph each pair and then tape it to the outside of the box.

The reality of photographing a lot of shoes AND printing them off when your printer has been out of colored ink for approximately six months set in and I opted for sticky notes instead! I thought it was a temporary fix until I got around to the photos, but honestly, it’s worked so well I think I’ll keep it! (Now should the editors at Vogue ever swing by my house to take a look in my closet,  I’ll probably take the time to go the photo route!)

Shoe Storage - labeled boxes

Shoe Storage - labeled boxes in closet

This way I was able to get about 32 pair into about 22 boxes. Of course some taller heeled shoes and my boots all needed their own boxes still. Look, there’s still room to stack more!!

Shoe Storage - shoes in boxes in closet with labels

I love that I can easily find what I’m looking for AND I’ve freed up some space! Now, should I pull out the other shoes I have stored under the bed? Nah, let’s just not think about those right now… ;)

Room for all the shoes I have…and room for shoes I still don’t need I need yet. (Like these Chanel slingback dupes!)

Have your own ideas for shoe storage? Share!

Originally published July 5, 2016

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