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Easy Fabric Care with Dryel

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Disclosure: I am excited to partner with Dryel as an ambassador and have received free products and compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

I kind of have a bad habit this time of year. Every time I go to do some Christmas shopping I end up buying things for myself! There are just so many good sales happening right now it’s hard to pass up! And you know that if I see gorgeous clothes on sale I’m not going to be able to resist! This year things are even more tempting because 1) I know I’ll be able to wear my regular clothes again soon! (Baby is coming any day!), and 2) I don’t have to worry about clothing care like I use to!

I use to pass up a lot of clothing items afraid of denim that would shrink, sweaters that would stretch out, colorful tops that would fade, etc. Now that I’ve got a tool to help me keep my fabrics in great shape, shopping possibilities just became even more endless!

I’ve mentioned in the past that I discovered over the years that investing in some good, quality jeans was worth it to me. Spending a little more on denim, I of course want it to last! I definitely don’t wash my jeans with every wear (maybe every few wears depending on how they’re looking) and I never dry them. Washing even at semi-regular intervals can still take a toll, so knowing that I can actually get a deep clean without compromising the fabric is great! I’m not afraid to toss my more expensive jeans in my Dryel bag and let it work its magic so they come out clean and smelling fresh!

denim and Dryel - JK Style

Not only am I not afraid to use Dryel to clean and freshen my more expensive clothing items, I also love that I can get great care for my non-expensive clothes too! You know what I mean, the cheaper items that lose their color after a few washes, or require special care due to trim or sequins (I might own a lot of sequins!). Dryel is extending the life of all my clothes!

This particular sequined kimono is a favorite of mine (you might have seen it a time or two here or on Instagram!) and of course, it’s dry clean only! Since it doesn’t really get “dirty” when I wear it, I generally just hang it back in my closet after each wear. It probably could stand to be freshened up a bit and I completely trust Dryel to take care of the job!

sequined kimono - fabric care with Dryel - JK Style

Considering I want to keep wearing my more special items, even with a baby on the way (hello spit up!), I know I’ll be reaching for Dryel a lot! If you haven’t tried the Dryel method of clothing care yet, here’s a bit of a refresher in photo form:

Dryel - fabric care with Dryel

Dryel box - fabric care with Dryel

It really couldn’t be easier to use and I’m loving the results I’ve seen! If you’ve tried it, I’d love to know what you think!

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