April Wantable Edit Try-on

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I mentioned on Friday that I had scheduled some at-home styling boxes since I wouldn’t have much opportunity to get out and shop before I leave for Austin this week.

I had some credits to Wantable (I get credits if you use my link to try it for yourself, so feel free, but no pressure!) and it’s been quite a while since I ordered an edit! (You can read more about Wantable Style Edits here.)

I made sure to be very specific about the types of things I was looking for. So for me, that meant no casual stuff, no denim, no accessories, and more statement/dressy pieces.

I mentioned I was headed to Austin for a conference and was looking for things more fun business/casual and more nighttime dressy. (Just making up words at this point!)

I also went and created a Pinterest board of outfits I liked they could refer to.

In the past I feel like any at-home styling boxes I’ve received have always been a little off. Stuff is cute but not really me or what I’m looking for. This is completely 100% my fault. Usually in the notes section I say something about my style being “dressy” or that I don’t want jewelry or whatever but this time I was much more specific!

Being mega-specific helped, after opening the box I received I could see why my stylist picked every item.

So here’s what came:

VIGOSS Animal Print Windbreaker in Leopard ($68)

Normally I wouldn’t call myself real “sporty” per se, but I do find myself in need of more athletic/casual options lately as Indy and I are frequently on walks or doing something outside. With my credit it would be around $20. Hm…definitely an option.

VINCE CAMUTO Sleeveless Rumple V-Neck Blouse in Coral Sunset ($59)

First, I wouldn’t call this color “coral sunset”, it’s definitely red. Bright cherry red. So, maybe typo? Either way, it’s pretty but I think I could find something similar for less.

BLACK SWAN Gi Gi Ditsy Print S/S Top in Slate Grey ($54)

This top isn’t something I’d normally pick out for myself but it’s also growing on me more and more. With my credit it would just be $4 plus tax, so…?

ABS Faux Wrap Ruffle Front Dress in Emerald Green ($89)

So, I do like this dress, but I’ve got a very similar dress already, so I just don’t think I can justify another.

1. STATE Wrap Front Tie Waist Jumpsuit in Black ($119)

You know I love a good jumpsuit, and I was happy to see one in my box. Unfortunately it was waaaaay to small. So small in fact, there was no way to put a remotely flattering photo up so this is all you get!

THREE DOTS Flared a jersey Skirt with Slit in Night Iris ($88)

A nice quality skirt, but not one I just had to have. It’s got a slit that hits mid-thigh so I don’t know how great it would be for me in the Oklahoma wind, or chasing Indy around at church. Pass.

So, now the question is, do I keep the leopard windbreaker or the dotted top? I’ve got a $50 credit. If I don’t keep anything I lose the $20 styling fee, so I feel like I might as well keep one of the items. What do you think?

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  1. Lisa Ray says:

    Hi Jamie,

    You look amazing in all these styles, especially the polkadot top. I love that you can make it business or you can wear it out. I am actually looking at reviews to see if I should try the service, but honesty I have ordered so many boxes from Fashom, another styling service and I am definitely addicted. They have real stylists that work with your every needs and I rarely ever have to send anything back, plus Fashom is like super cheap! I’d love to see you review them as well!

  2. Liesl says:

    I love the dotted top, too! The sleeves are my favorite kind. I think you should go for it

  3. Carolyn says:

    I love the dotted top on you…it accentuates your small waist! Very cute. (Of course, your mom and I are the same age so that might make you decide on the jacket!)

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