Trendsend by Evereve

Subscription Review: Trendsend by Evereve

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Back in December I visited Evereve for the first time and I was really impressed! I knew an Evereve had opened in Classen Curve in OKC but hadn’t visited because I saw it was billed as a “boutique for moms”. At the time I wasn’t a mom, and honestly, even if I had been the idea of a “mom store” made me think of Lularoe leggings (no offense if that’s your thing), high waisted jeans, and t-shirts that say things like “#momlife” or “#coffeefirst”. (Again, no offense if that’s your thing.)  :)

ANYWAY, when I did have the chance to visit I realized I was missing out! I loved the mix of clothing they carry – everything from casual tops and jeans to gorgeous dresses and jackets (you know I love a good jacket!) I’ll definitely be checking out the store on the regular (and online) and when I saw they had a subscription service (a no-risk one at that!), I knew I had to try it!

What it is

A women’s clothing subscription from store Evereve. You can also choose how often you receive it – every month, every 2 or 3 months, or on demand. You have 5 days after receiving your box to try things on and mail back (in the included pre-paid envelope) what you don’t want.

What’s inside:

2-3 complete outfits to try on at your home. You can also request accessories if you’d like! The items come directly from the store front you choose, so my items were hand picked by a member of the OKC store’s staff.

What’s the cost:

$1. No styling fee or shipping cost, you’re charged a dollar which is credited to your account should you decide to keep anything. If you don’t, the dollar isn’t refunded (but that’s a pretty great deal!) Once you’ve made your selections (if you choose to keep anything) you can check out online.

You start by filling out a style profile online – everything from hair color and body type to how you’d like your items to fit, any areas of your body you’d like to highlight or conceal, your favorite brands, lifestyle, budget, and more. You can even link to your social media profiles and send photos of yourself. The more info you give, the more likely they are to match you with items you’ll like!

My first box came pretty quickly after I filled out my profile and I was excited to see what they sent me!

Trendsend by Evereve review - JK Style

Trendsend by Evereve subscription review - JK Style

First, the box was huge! It’s pretty fun to pull out lots of gorgeous clothing to try on! For this particular box I chose not to receive any accessories so I received only clothing.

Here’s what came in my box (Forgive my photos, I snapped these one night quickly at the end of Indy’s nap!):

Allison Joy Beckham Plaid Top – $78 (now on sale for $54.99)

Allison Joy Beckham Plaid Top - Evereve Trendsend - JK Style

Cute top, but not really my style. Also, too small through the chest (I couldn’t zip the side zipper!) While I did send them my sizes, I should note that this box came just four weeks after Indy was born. My body was/is still changing so I figured the sizes would be off!

Hudson Barbara Ankle Jeans with Raw Hem ($195) and Allison Joy Kelli Satin Top ($39.99)

Hudson Barbara ankle jeans, Allison Joy Kelli Satin top - - Evereve Trendsend - JK Style

Yeah, those jeans aren’t zipped up. :) And this top is cute, (and I like that you can request that they send you items on sale) but it’s still not really “me”.

Peyton Jensen Brea Long Sleeve Tee ($58) (Now on sale for $34.99)

Brea Long Sleeve Tee - - Evereve Trendsend - JK Style

I like the color of this top, but I’m not really a t-shirt kind of girl.

Matty M Chrissy Boyfriend Blazer ($98)

Chrissy Boyfriend Blazer - Evereve Trendsend - JK Style

Isn’t the hand on hip/leg cross pose supposed to be flattering or something? Ha! Now, I really loved this navy blazer! I would have kept if it had been a little cheaper I think. I do have one similar but I think I would have kept it if it were a little closer to the $50 range.

Marrakech Marni Moto Jacket ($158)

Marni Moto Jacket - Evereve Trendsend - JK Style

Ugh, sorry, I’m even annoying myself with this pose. But I just had a baby, so that’s my defense, OK?

Another jacket I really liked and *might* have kept had it been a little cheaper, and also fit a little better. (I could not zip it very well.)

Free People Easy Goes it Legging ($58)

Free People Easy Goes it Legging - Evereve Trendsend - JK Style

The quality of these leggings was nice, like a really stretchy denim. Had they not been a little too snug in the waist I think I might have kept them.

Would I try this again?

Absolutely! While none of these items worked, unfortunately, I think it was a combination of timing (four weeks is probably not long enough to decide on clothing size after a baby) and I think on my next profile I’ll go in and make some updates to my preferences. Since the whole experience only cost me $1, I think I’ll be making this a regular thing I try.

If you want to try it for yourself, you can use my link if you want – I do get 20% off credit for referrals, just FYI. I definitely think it’s worth a try!

Originally published February 5, 2018

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