Trendsend by Evereve

March Trendsend by Evereve Review

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I received my March Trend Send box and wanted to show you what came inside! I did a quick little un-boxing video for Facebook but seem to be having technical difficulties. If I can get it up and running, I’ll add it in!  I tried to snap a few photos of trying things on while Indy played so bear with the not-so-great photos!

Here are the outfits my stylist sent this month:

Outfit 1
  • Articles of Society Carly Raw Hem Jeans ($68)
  • Peyton Jensen Harper Blazer ($118)
  • Brave Pineapple Tee ($38)

blazer outfit - March Trendsend - JK Style

March Trendsend outfit - JK Style

Not a win for me. While I love a good blazer, I’ve already got a red one, and the rest of the outfit is kind of “eh”. I’m not a t-shirt person, and the gold pineapple tee, while cute, isn’t me. I was curious to try the white jeans as I know they’re supposed to be in this year. I liked the modern, distressed look of them, but the fit wasn’t great. White jeans are one of those items that have to fit perfectly and these did not make me feel great. Let’s move on! :)

Outfit 2
  • John and Jenn Open Cardigan ($88)
  • Allison Joy Reese Striped Dress ($88)

March Trensend outfit - JK Style

Trendsend outfit - JK Style

Trendsend Outfit - JK Style

Another no from me. I like the fit and style of the dress (it’s the same brand as the black dress I kept from February’s box, but the colors aren’t right for me. I’m not a fan of the color of the cardigan for myself either, I don’t do beige/taupe-shades (this is called Oatmeal). This dress actually reminds me of my friend Abby, and I think she’d look better in it than I do! Abby, go buy this dress, OK?

Outfit 3
  • Moon River Front Knot Top ($53)
  • Sunday in Brooklyn Stripe Baez Skirt ($48)

March Trensend outfit - JK Style

March Trendsend outfit - JK Style

March Trendsend outfit - JK Style

Again, sorry for the photos, for a fashion blogger I have terrible mirror spots to take photos! This outfit was another no for me, just not me. But I immediately thought of my friend, Stephanie, who I think actually has a skirt similar to this. Apparently this month’s Trendsend was all about finding things for other people I know! I like the knot detail on the top, but the thick knit material isn’t appealing to me. Overall this is just a little too casual for me.

So, this box wasn’t a win for me, but again, I’m only out $1! Let’s see what April will send my way! I think I’m going to turn the jewelry option on for April and see what comes! If you want to try a Trendsend box from Evereve, you can use my link here (I’ll get 20% off a purchase if you do, just FYI. Once you sign up you can get your own referral link!)

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