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My Latest Evereve Trendsend Review

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Looking to freshen up your wardrobe with a style box? Check out my Trendsend review and see if this is the box for you!

It’s been a bit since I tried a style box – actually about a year I think! I thought since I still am not venturing into stores that I’d have a little bit of shopping sent to my door. Here’s my latest Evereve Trendsend Box!

Latest evereve box review

One of the things that makes the Trendsend box different from other boxes like Stitchfix or Wantable, is that they send you three full outfits instead of just random pieces. If you’re wanting full looks, this is a good box to try.

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Another thing that makes this box different is that your box is styled by someone at your local Evereve. (Unless you don’t have one near you, then I’m not sure where it comes from, ha!) My box was styled by Daena at the OKC store.

My Trendsend Review

Here are the three outfits I received:

Outfit 1:

Trensend by Evereve review - JK Style

I’ve got to say, I would not have ever tried on this top because I wouldn’t have thought this color would work on me. I actually really liked it, and the whole outfit.

The jeans fit great and it was my first time trying on this brand, which I know people love, and while I liked the flare, I think if I were going to invest that much into denim right now (which I’m not), it might be for a straight or bootcut fit. But really though, two thumbs up for the Good American brand.

The earrings were a fun colorful touch too but maybe a little more than I’d care to spend on earrings right now. I’d keep the top but I think it would ride up all the time unless I paired it with something higher waisted (like these jeans) so I think I’d always be battling it. 

Overall? This outfit was a hit and if things were cheaper I might have kept it all!

Outfit 2

Evereve subscription box

trendsend review - JK Style

OK, so clearly I’m not wearing the shorts in this photo. 1) I’m not a shorts person, and 2) they were too small to even try, SO, kept the jeans on for this try-on!

Both tops were cute and my stylist recommended pairing the fringe earrings with them too, which I did. I especially liked the tie-dye top but I’ve got to wear a strapless bra with them both and really, when you’re well-endowed wearing a strapless bra, unless absolutely necessary (a formal dress is the only thing I can think of that’s absolutely necessary) is just not fun.

Going to have to pass on them both.

Outfit 3

Trendsend box review - JK Style

OK, I know this might be controversial, but I’m probably one of the few Oklahoma girls around who doesn’t listen to country music. Obviously I know who Tim McGraw is, I grew up in the age of “Don’t Take the Girl”, after all, haha. But if there’s two things I’m not really about it’s t-shirts and country music. :)

I do like the styling idea of pairing this shirt with the tie-dye skirt, I think the outfit itself is a fun one and I wouldn’t have tried it on my own. 

The Verdict

While I’m not keeping anything in this box I still consider it a success! I discovered Good American jeans, tried some things I normally wouldn’t have (that neon top and the t-shirt/skirt combo) and it got me out of my head a little and into some new ideas. 

While the prices on these items were also a little higher than I’d prefer, I’ve received cheaper items in past boxes that I’ve kept. One of the preferences you can select for your box is to include sale or clearance items, I didn’t get any this time but I’ve had luck with those before! I’m wondering since stores have been closed for a bit if they have a smaller selection of sale items at the moment. 

Now, I’m going to go give feedback on my items and browse their website a bit. I’ve found some great items in the past from them and this box made me excited to see what else they have.

I hope this Trendsend review has helped you out, let me know if you try it for yourself! If you use this link you’ll get 20% off every item in your box. 

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