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My Fall Stitch Fix Unboxing and Try-On

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I love a good subscription box review and am excited to share my latest Stitch Fix unboxing and try-on! There’s a video too if you’re interested!

It’s been about a year and a half since I ordered a Stitch Fix Box so I thought I’d give it another try. In the last box I ended up with this gorgeous dress:

April Stitch Fix - JK Style

Maybe one day I’ll get to wear it again! :)

One of the nice things about Stitch Fix is that they offer different sizing options, including petite, plus size, and maternity. I let my stylist know that I was pregnant so I did receive a couple of maternity-specific items. The other items were non-maternity but things I can still wear. 

I did a little unboxing video for you, and included the try-on photos there too. I’m getting so fancy with my video editing skills! :) 

Also, before we get going, if you are interested in trying out a Stitch Fix box, make sure to use my link because you’ll get a $25 credit! (I will too, just FYI). Here’s my link.

OK, now on to the box! 

Stitch Fix Unboxing and Try-On

And if you just want the photos, here they are!

Daniel Rainn Brinn Scoop Neck top Stitch Fix unboxing review - JK Style

Daniel Rainn Brinn Scoop Neck Pleat Detail Knit Top
Size: S
I thought this would be a little more room-y on, but apparently I underestimated my size. :) I’m busty on a regular day, so with pregnancy this is definitely more fitted.
It’s still comfortable on right now but I don’t think it would be for much longer as my stomach continues to grow. 
Gilli Trista Jersey Faux Wrap Maternity Dress
Gilli Trista Jersey Faux Wrap Maternity Dress
Size: M
Don’t love the pattern (not really a polka dot person) but the dress was really comfortable. Unfortunately I also don’t really have anywhere to wear it to right now either. 
Lush Warren Split Neck Blouse - Fall Stitch Fix unboxing Review - JK Style
Lush Warren Split Neck Blouse
Size: S
This isn’t a top I’d normally go for but I’m kind of liking it! The pattern is fun and it would be a great layering piece. I’d also be able to wear it easily next year too and it will still fit great when I’m not pregnant. Is this a keeper? 
Fall Stitch Fix box review
I like it layered with my black jacket, what do you think?
Andrew Marc Performance Becket Knit Jacket - Stitch Fix unboxing
Andrew Marc Performance Becket Knit Jacket
Size: S
I am pretty sure I requested jackets in my box (I LOVE jackets.) and while I like this one, I think it’s a little small for right now. It’s very comfortable (it’s got stretch), but I think if it had been another color like black or even green I’d be more tempted to keep it. 
Liverpool Reagan Maternity Skinny Pant
Liverpool Reagan Maternity Skinny Pant
Size: 8
I don’t remember the last time I spent more than $30 on pants but I’m REALLY tempted to get these. Is it dumb to spend $80 on pants you can only wear for the next four months? They’re really comfortable and though the tag said they were leggings, they fit like pants. It would be nice to have a black pant option to wear occasionally… OK, what do I do? Keep the pants? Look for cheaper pants? Quit typing the word pants? (I checked, I typed it seven times just now.)
And that was my fall Stitch Fix box! Give me alllll your feedback, please! I mention in the video that the prices on this box are sometimes higher than other boxes out there. Would I normally spend $60 on a stretchy t-shirt? No. But the quality is really, really good for the items they send.
Stitch Fix boxes tend to include more staple, classic pieces than others like Trendsend or Wantable, which I think gear more toward trends. Nothing wrong with more traditional items, just a heads up. You do have a chance to give them a lot of feedback on your profile – what you want, what you don’t want and you can even rate clothing to give them ideas of what to send. 
A few things to note if you’re wanting to try this box yourself. There is a $20 styling fee to get a box (it’s then credited to anything you buy) BUT, if you use my link you can get a credit. 
ALSO, if you’ve tried a box in the past and don’t qualify to use my credit, here’s a little tip. Check your email! If you haven’t ordered a box in a long time, Stitch Fix is going to want you back. One of the reasons I ordered this box was because I found an email they had sent me waiving my styling fee since it had been a while since I had ordered one. 

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