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April Stitch Fix Box Review

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OK, I promise this is the last style box review. (For now, ha.) Once I decided to try one, I figured I’d go ahead and try a few! (You can see my latest Wantable and Trendsend reviews too!) But, this is the last of the bunch to review, so here goes!

April Stitch Fix Box Review

I received an email from Stitch Fix recently offering to wave the $20 styling fee since it had been a while since I had ordered a “fix”. I figured I had nothing to lose, plus, I had $25 in credit from a referral so maybe something would catch my eye.

Unfortunately my fix didn’t arrive before my Austin trip (the reason I started with all the style boxes), but obviously I’m not going to pass up looking at clothes any time. :)

April Stitch Fix review - JK Style

Here’s what came:

ONE5ONE Margery Printed Wide Leg Pants ($38)

April Stitch Fix box review - JK Style

I was a tad bit tempted to keep these. They’re not normally something I’d pick for myself but I thought they were fun. I was afraid they were a little more pajama-y then I’d prefer so I decided to send them back. Pretty fun (and comfy!) though!

Blu Pepper Amaya Wrap Front Culott Pant ($50)

April Stitch Fix Review - JK Style

When I filled out the info my fix I forgot to specify something I always, always write in these things. I’d don’t do cropped pants of any kind, especially culotts, which are one of my least favorite clothing items ever. Just not for me!

Market & Spruce Madissen Pleat Detail Top ($58)

April Stitch Fix Review - JK Style

This blouse was sweet, just not my style.

1.State Celvin Leather Asymmetric Flat ($98)

April Stitch Fix review - JK Style

I did really like these silver flats, unfortunately, they’re more than I want to pay for shoes right now. The good news is that I had just found (and purchased) a similar pair from Nordstrom Rack just a couple of days before this, and they were only about $30!

April Stitch Fix Review - JK Style

Hutch Altana 2fer Knit Maxi Dress ($78)

April Stitch Fix box review - JK Style

This was definitely the winner of the box! I love a good maxi dress and this one had all kinds of things going for it. Love the bright blues and color blocking design on the skirt. The skirt also has a bit of a hi/lo flare going on. It’s got pockets too! Not only did I decide to keep it, I wore it to my brother’s wedding reception on Saturday!

Overall I thought it was a pretty decent box. My problem with Stitch Fix in the past is that the items were more casual than I wanted, more basic tees and blouses. The dress and shoes made the difference this time for sure! If you’ve tried Stitch Fix before I’d love to hear if you’ve had much success with it. And if you haven’t tried it, you can use my code to get $25 in credit on your first “fix”! Let me know if you do try it, I want to hear what you think!

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  1. Lydia Gleaves says:

    How tall are you? I mostly wear flats and I’m curious if the Margery Printed Wide Leg Pant (in a different pattern) would fit me :)

    1. I’m about 5’8 but don’t have super long legs so I don’t know if that helps!

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